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Good News and Bad!
Monday, July 07, 2008      5 comments

Well the good news is I have exercised everyday for the last 15 days. Woo Hoo! The bad news is I have gained back the 6 pounds I lost last week this week because of all my poor food choices. Note to self: Eating right + Exercising = w... Read more
Woo Hoo I'm back on track
Sunday, June 29, 2008      8 comments

Ladies I made it a whole week. I only ate what I tracked and I exercised everyday. Thanks to Fruityful and our new plan to keep each other on track I lost 6 pounds this week. My new starting over weight was 182 and I weighed in this morning at 1... Read more
Day #10
Saturday, June 28, 2008      3 comments

I am feeling soooooooooo Happy today! I have made it through another day and I feel like I'm unstoppable. I have all my food planned out for the day and it all looks really yummy. I 've done my cardio for the day and I cant wait for my weigh in... Read more
Day #9
Friday, June 27, 2008      2 comments

I made it! And it was so hard....................... This is my 6th day in a row. However I am still determined. I have all my food planned for the day and I am getting ready to do my workout now. 144 pounds here I come ... Read more
Day #8 I'm on a roll!
Thursday, June 26, 2008      6 comments

Good Morning All............. emoticon I am so tired today. There is no way that I would have gotten out of bed ear... Read more
Day #7
Wednesday, June 25, 2008      4 comments

I did it I cant believe it! It's a miracle................... I have now exercise and stuck to my tracker for 3 days in a row I am so excited and motivated. I just know I will make it through today. I want to thank Fruityful for calling me ... Read more
Day #6
Tuesday, June 24, 2008      6 comments

I DID IT! i DID IT! Day#6 and two in a row............ Woo Hoo this is such a big thing for me at this point. I am up and ready to exercise so today WILL be a fabulous day! Honeycomb ... Read more
Day #5
Monday, June 23, 2008      4 comments

On March 25th I started counting days that I reached all my goals of Diet and exercise and I know it is going to sound pathetic but, I finally made it through Day#5. Woo Hoo 5 out of 91 days no wonder I've gained 20 pounds. =) Of... Read more
One year ago this was my blog.
Sunday, June 22, 2008      3 comments

I didn't blog last week because I think for the first time I didn't lose any weight but, It wasn't like I was trying either so this week I put an extra effort into the eating part and only missed 1 of my scheduled workouts for a total loss of 3 ... Read more
Looking Back
Saturday, June 07, 2008      6 comments

So I decided to find in my blog when I reached my weight of 177 last year and I found it. It was on July 8th of 2007 the good new is that I have maintained 177 for the last year! The bad new is I have not lost any weight and kept it off in the l... Read more
Mothers Day - 5 year Wedding Anniversary
Sunday, May 11, 2008      6 comments

Happy Mother's Day to all.............. Friday is my 5 year wedding anniversary so I don't have anything planned today I wanted to be able to go out Thursday night instead. I got my workout in yesterday morning and I have to say It felt rea... Read more
One or the other
Saturday, May 10, 2008      5 comments

It seems that I can eat well and exercise but, that I seem to not be able to do them on the same day? In order to lose weight they go together I sure hope I figure this out soon. I weighed at 170.2 this morning and I know that if I get a g... Read more
Additional Spark Page
Wednesday, May 07, 2008      3 comments

I have created myself a new Spark page in hopes that if I have room for my famous monthly pic's that I will start moving in the right direction again. If you would like to visit it click this link!
ge.asp... Read more
SparkPeople's Official Beach Body Boot camp
Thursday, May 01, 2008      7 comments

Ok so April is over! Woo Hoo not a good month I only reached my exercise and eating goals 13-14% of the time ... Read more
I'm going to do it!
Tuesday, April 29, 2008      6 comments

I am going to complete Day #5 today! I have set myself up to succeed. It is only 11 am but, I have already done my cardio and I had a GREAT breakfast. I had a ton of Anxiety this morning but, I was able to get myself on the treadmill and work th... Read more

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