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"Me" Time & Battery Recharging
Thursday, August 31, 2017      0 comments

Slow time at work last few weeks & so my boss let me work a few shorter days and just take some unpaid time. Did a few things / planning a few things that were much much needed after stress in my life (see previous post). 1) got chiro ad... Read more
Depression/Overwhelmed, or Both?
Thursday, August 24, 2017      5 comments

The past 5 years have taken a toll. In 2012 my husband left his job of 15 years to be independent rep so I took on helping him administratively on top of my own job. My dad was terminally ill in 2012 and in 2013 he had suggested I take over hi... Read more
Being Accountable
Thursday, August 16, 2012      1 comments

I was so good early in year and felt great! Then I figured "I can do this automatically!" NOT. Back to almost square 1. That is ok. Moving my ticker back up sucked. But, I feel good this week. Realize I am someone that must track or I... Read more
Been bad last few days, but SP helping me back on track...
Tuesday, February 28, 2012      2 comments

The last few days I have gone over calories. Just been hungry, not sure if stress of some possible exciting life chages, fact that Girl Scout cookies came, the weather, getting over being sick, or what! Either way, I am committed to going in ... Read more
Still going strong...
Saturday, February 18, 2012      2 comments

I have never "stuck" with a plan for this long. Realize it is because I have adopted a new lifestyle of awareness, well being, and balance. It is not all or nothing like some plans. Plus, the tracker has taught me the importance of balancing ... Read more
Finished 495/1068
Monday, February 06, 2012      3 comments

First 10k and I am very happy! Finished 1:00:07. Better than I had planned. Ran with friend who had been running awhile and we pushed each other. We both finished well in age group (25/98). Averaged a 9:40 mile. Best part is today, I am no... Read more
31 Days In, and I stuck with it!
Wednesday, February 01, 2012      3 comments

I have never been this consistent. Key for me is that this is a lifestyle. Sure, I am reducing calories to achieve a weight goal, but once I reach that, I have tools I have learned from this site not yo-yo, stress eat, and make excuses to miss... Read more
Trader Joe's = Working Girl's Heaven!
Thursday, January 26, 2012      4 comments

Who says being good has to be boring? Also, who says good has to mean slaving in kitchen? When you commute 70+ miles a day and have demanding job, easy healthy convenience food is a must! Stopped off at TJ's on my way into work and got the... Read more
No magic pill, so don't waste $!
Sunday, January 22, 2012      4 comments

All of the ads in magazines on tv, advertise popping a pill to lose weight feel good. Have been there done that. Only to feel jittery, have massive heartburn, be in the bathroom with crazy issues....and sometimes even have more crazy cravings.... Read more
On the road with spark!
Wednesday, January 18, 2012      1 comments

Did a 4 day weekend to see husband's family in KY/TN. Usually MIL cooks three meals a day and has baked goods on every table. Fortunately, my hubby is training for half marathon and had been traveling week prior so he asked his mom to stock up... Read more
Lunch for Losers (Weight losers that is!)
Tuesday, January 10, 2012      2 comments

Hi energy salad with spinach, greens, tuna, red wine vinigrette, walnuts/craisins. Whole wheat bagel and WW cheese. Water & green tea. Doing budgets this afternoon, a high energy lunch is just what I need to power thru! ... Read more
PMS and Home Alone = Danger!
Monday, January 09, 2012      2 comments

Hubby is out of town, full moon, and time of the month! I have been so good last two weeks then today I did go over my calories by 20 (but kept my ratios good). Ate all wholesome food but just SOOOO hungry. Combindation of working out The las... Read more
Mmmm Get me some Greek!
Monday, January 09, 2012      1 comments

As if Oikos Greek yogurt is so good on its own, John Stamos is now their spokesperson. Bonus points! He is a hottie! Liked him even on FH as Uncle Jesse. Truly, good filling snack. No other yogurts fill up in comparison. And the plain ... Read more
Quick & Easy snack!
Tuesday, January 03, 2012      2 comments

Slice apples into bite size peices, apply cinnamon generously. Take plain yogurt, with 1/2 cup of kashi go lean. Mix, and a good sweet snack. The cinnamon sweetens to yogurt without sugar! This should fuel me for run in a few hours! An... Read more