Lovely Lydstep
Tuesday, April 05, 2011      6 comments

Ever since I managed the walk to Giltar Point shortly after we arrived down here in Tenby, I have had my eye on Lydstep. I have had the map out and calculated roughly how far it would be and how long it would take and I have been biding my time... Read more
Wedding Anniversary Walk
Monday, March 21, 2011      5 comments

Today Paul and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. Today was the lowest astronomical tide of the year. This second fact has some interesting practical consequences. The sea water which normally covers a considerable section of the coa... Read more
Out of step
Monday, March 14, 2011      4 comments

I never liked it from the start. How can anyone warm to a piece of personal equipment that, rather than lending encouragement, insists you are carrying 41% body fat when in fact it is 26%. I am referring to that pedometer again. But I hav... Read more
What a birthday surprise!
Tuesday, March 08, 2011      7 comments

Yesterday was my birthday and I asked Paul to buy me a pedometer. My walking has improved so much since January, when I was able to begin to walk without aids, that I thought it would be a good idea to measure my daily steps and start to push i... Read more
The Strange World of Kefir Making
Thursday, February 03, 2011      10 comments

Ambrosia in the making. I'm afraid this batch went down the sink!... Read more
Back on the Scales
Friday, January 29, 2010      6 comments

Thank you so much to the people who took the trouble to respond to my blog last week. I have taken all the advice offered to me and have continued to eat healthily but have cut the ice-cream out except for one day when I had two slices to compe... Read more
A Dilemma
Saturday, January 23, 2010      4 comments

I weighed myself today for the first time since starting this diet. It's been a struggle to go all week without checking out the scales but each day I have resisted. So I was really looking forward to the weigh-in, hoping for just a little mov... Read more