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First Week Success
Thursday, October 13, 2011      0 comments

I wasn't perfect last week. Not even close. But I was better. I was conscious (for the most part) about what I ate and made sure that I got some exercise. This morning was weigh in day and I was nervous, since I hadn't been perfect, but ex... Read more
How do you see yourself?
Sunday, October 09, 2011      4 comments

I have a story for you... and I promise it will make sense when I am done. My fiancé wants to be a autobody mechanic but we can't afford for us both to be in school so he, very selflessly, put his dreams on the back burner while I pursue mi... Read more
I'm Back....
Saturday, October 08, 2011      3 comments

Yesterday I went shopping for Halloween decorations but I figured while at the mall I would pick up a couple of things for myself. My pants had been falling of me (a thought that made me happy, I had pushed away the reminder that they were 2 siz... Read more
How to write a college/ university paper...
Monday, May 16, 2011      6 comments

1. Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a well lit place in front of your computer. 2. Log onto Facebook 3. Read over the assignment carefully, to make certain you understand it. 4. Walk down to the vending... Read more
Urban Dictionary Quiz
Monday, May 16, 2011      0 comments

Instructions Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the first definition it gives you. 1)Your name? Chantelle Another Name For A Kool Kid. OMG, Bob Is Such A Chantelle. :| ... Read more
Approval from a runner
Sunday, May 15, 2011      2 comments

This morning I did the C25D week 1 day 2 run. It was hard. It was windy and raining and cold but I was not going to quit. So up I got and out I went and the weirdest thing happened. I was running minute 6 when these 3 girls, may be my age or a l... Read more
Sometimes it's good to start over
Friday, May 13, 2011      3 comments

Today I went back and looked at my goals and lets face it. I haven't been sticking to it. But with spring comes rebirth,a chance fr new beginnings and fresh starts. I wish I could say I had some big epiphany, but I didn't. Sure There was my set ... Read more
Things always come in threes....
Monday, May 09, 2011      2 comments

Thing #1: As I 'mentioned' in an earlier blog my brother calls me up to ask me (and I quote) "What's going on with your weight, you used to take such good care of yourself." This really bothered me because although I know I have gained weig... Read more
Spring Cleaning
Tuesday, April 26, 2011      4 comments

Everyone loves Springtime. Flowers begin to bloom, winter clothes are put away, even the rain is a welcome reminder that winter has finally ended. I was at my grandma's house on Friday and a Robin has made its nest on top of her mailbox (the don... Read more
What is going on with your weight?
Monday, April 25, 2011      3 comments

I got a call from my brother yesterday. He said he was worried about me and wanted to talk. I couldn't figure out what about. I mean he's the one who broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years ago, is 22, broke, jobless and living in our parents b... Read more
So here's my revelation
Wednesday, April 20, 2011      4 comments

I have not been on SP since last Wednesday. An entire week. I knew I did bad Wed-Fri and being the loser that I was I didn't want to sign on and have to admit that I had had a bad week. So I didn't weigh myself, I didn't track my food (although... Read more
Me? A Gardener?? Why Yes!!!
Wednesday, April 13, 2011      3 comments

With spring finally here I have been seeing a lot of blogs and articles, not just on SP, about gardening. My mom has a garden every year and we usually get some veggies from her but this year I really wanted to plant my own garden. The only prob... Read more
Ugh Weekends...
Monday, April 11, 2011      2 comments

Ugh I did it again!! Another weekend of unhealthy eating that completely ruined my week of hard work! I don't know why I do this every weekend! And I ruined, for a second week in a row, the weekly challenge that I have been working on... and it ... Read more
Are You Courageous?
Wednesday, April 06, 2011      3 comments

What does courage mean to you? What makes someone courageous? Fighting for your country? Standing up to the class bully? Fighting cancer? What about you? Are you cou... Read more
Back on track, Life is good today
Tuesday, April 05, 2011      3 comments

Yesterday was much better than the weekend. I stuck in my ranges (for the most part, I am always under on protein) and biked for 20 minutes. Today is even better! I've tracked what I will be eating today as well as my workout. I also (for the f... Read more

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