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Today's Check-in
Wednesday, October 30, 2013      0 comments

Dr. Beck Checklist Look at my advantages twice per day--check Eat sitting down--check Give yourself credit--check Eat slowly & mindfully--check Find a Diet Coach by going back on Spark People to get support--check Arrange Your Enviro... Read more
Pitta dosha
Tuesday, March 06, 2012      1 comments

If you are familiar with ayurvedic medicine, you know what this is. I am pretty familiar with it, and my pitta dosha is so flaring up right now! Canker sores in my mouth make eating painful and my stomach just burns. It's the same stuff I've ... Read more
Mega PMS
Monday, February 27, 2012      5 comments

I'm in the throes of some hardcore PMS today. My mood just spiraled in the last couple hours. Dang! I almost just lost it when I couldn't find how to add a blog entry. Despite all my hard work, my pants are tight. I'm bloated. Telling mys... Read more
Getting momentum
Saturday, February 11, 2012      4 comments

Consistency and giving myself credit for what I'm doing well have been helpful. I'm trying to change my lifestyle so that most of the time, I'm doing healthy, "thin people" thinking and activities. But I do not get down on myself when it doesn... Read more
Setback city
Wednesday, January 04, 2012      2 comments

Binge eating tonight and lastnight. I've strayed from the lifestyle attitude by going to the "I screwed up" attitude and feeling bad, so eating to feel better when I didn't know what to do after I'd already messed up. I do know that I really ca... Read more
Glad to have all this support
Tuesday, January 03, 2012      2 comments

I had no idea about this community at all until just a few days ago and here's this wealth of information and positive people. And now my hubby is wanting to be part of living a healthy lifestyle along with me, which already helps a lot.... Read more
Here we go!
Sunday, January 01, 2012      2 comments

Holidays are over. Now "lifestyle change" really comes into action. However, not feeling so well after being up into the wee hours and inebriated last evening. My head really hurts! Maybe I'll get a walk in later today when my head recovers ... Read more