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Weigh In - One
Monday, November 04, 2019      3 comments

I understand that it is mostly water weight but I did my first weigh in this morning. I am down to 218.6 lbs. About six pounds. I did really well sticking to the plan but today was tough because I didn't get out of work till after 6:30 and got ... Read more
Sunday - ACK No Water
Sunday, November 03, 2019      0 comments

I was back in my town of residence today. My husband had to go to work so I decided to have the usual breakfast and work in the office for a while and then go visit my friend who I have not seen in close to a year, even though she lives about 8 ... Read more
Saturday @WarnerCollege
Sunday, November 03, 2019      1 comments

Saturday I spent almost the entire day sitting on my big behind. The day started off in the Normal way, Slim Fast Advanced Nutrition Caramel Latte Shake and a bottle of water then I jumped into the car for the three plus hour drive to Warner ... Read more
Long Day, Friday
Sunday, November 03, 2019      0 comments

Friday was a long one. Lots of work in the office to do and didn't get to clock out until after seven. My husband went to his brothers to watch a hockey game and I had the house to myself. Grilled up some fish fillets on the George Forman, Sna... Read more
Halloween (revisited)
Friday, November 01, 2019      0 comments

No candy - Zero - I totally stayed on plan. No idea how I did that with all these calories floating around my office. Big heaping bowls full, all ready to pass out to the trick or treater's that were scheduled to come last night. I myself, live... Read more
For Serious? Marie Callender SMH!
Wednesday, October 30, 2019      2 comments

I'm trying to eat up what is left in the fridge and freezer (which isn't much) while I am researching meal options. I had a late day, my husband was working about an hour in a half away and also late, and to be honest I just plain didn't want t... Read more
Rail Roaded !
Tuesday, October 29, 2019      0 comments

Sometimes well intentioned family members derail your train. I work in two home offices, at my home (rarely) and at my parents home (mostly). A dece... Read more
Nutrition Tracker
Monday, October 28, 2019      3 comments

Starting off slow. Not interested in doing anything crazy or moving so fast that it becomes impossible and I quit. Just monitoring at first. No exercise. Trying to record what I eat, when, and how much. Set alarms on my phone to try and space ... Read more
Challenge Progress ( Blank Record)
Wednesday, October 01, 2014      4 comments

01: Activities: Total Minutes Spent on Challenge for day: Total Minutes Spent on Challenge for month: Total Calories Burned on Challenge for day: Total Calories Burned on Challenge for month: Total Miles Walked on Challenge for ... Read more