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I Challenge You...
Sunday, August 31, 2014      6 comments

to add 10 minutes of ST to your daily exercise routine. I love my cardio. Cardio comes easy to me, and when I think about adding a new exercise, it's usually in the cardio group. For example, I will keep up my treadmill, but will add swimm... Read more
Re... calculating
Monday, August 25, 2014      8 comments

Does the voice on your GPS say that (with a rather disgruntled pause after the "re") when you don't follow her instructions to the letter? Spark People is sort of like that. I've been sparking for 3 1/2 years and have lost and kept off 27 ... Read more
10 Minute Daily ST Commitment
Monday, August 11, 2014      11 comments

As most of you know, I have no problem doing lots of cardio exercise every day, as I walk 20-25 miles each week on my virtual walk. ST is a different matter. Although I have a stability ball, resistance bands, free weights, a medicine ball... Read more
Yard sale
Saturday, August 09, 2014      7 comments

Up at 6, showered and started putting things out at 6:30. First buyers arrived before 7. Bev arrived around 7:30 with her stuff and we were busy off and on until 2. Heated up left-over shepherd's pie, put out home-made coleslaw and grape toma... Read more
Better habits finally kicking in...
Thursday, August 07, 2014      10 comments

As some of you may remember, I made a shepherd's pie yesterday. Cleaning out the fridge, I cooked and mashed turnip, which I like but Peter doesn't, to have with it. Turns out the weather was good today, so he decided to take the Sprite ... Read more
Reducing our intake of processed foods
Wednesday, August 06, 2014      8 comments

Let me start by saying that we don't eat a lot of processed foods. I make most things from scratch, but processed foods sneak in... deli potato salad, low fat cold cuts, an occasional can of "healthy" soup... and I still find the sodium creeping... Read more
Protein and Sodium
Monday, August 04, 2014      7 comments

Tonight I grilled extra boneless, skinless chicken breasts so that I would have some ready-to-eat protein for a salad or wrap. I try hard to stay as close as I can to the 50% carbs, 30% healthy fats and 20% lean protein recommended by SP.... Read more
Does anyone else have trouble getting below a specific weight number?
Tuesday, July 29, 2014      8 comments

My highest weight, before I joined Spark People 3 1/2 years ago, was 192 lbs. Since then, I got down to 165-166 lbs. twice, and twice my weight quickly went back to 180. That's where I was in January 2014. I've worked hard at bot... Read more
Virtual Walk Update... Have Reached Scotland
Monday, July 21, 2014      8 comments

Hi all, It was difficult tracking my mileage while we were travelling as I lost my Fitbit just before we left home. I estimated, and feel quite sure that my estimates were low, and last night I got out the maps and added up the miles while w... Read more
The good and the bad...
Saturday, July 19, 2014      8 comments

... of being home... Of course it's nice to be home. I love our home, garden, cat and routine... but when I was away I didn't snack in between meals and I seldom ate before going to bed. So why is it, now that I'm home, that every t... Read more
Home again, home again, woo hoo!
Wednesday, July 16, 2014      12 comments

The cat and the garden both missed us. The cat even slept with us last night, which is quite unusual. We had a wonderful trip. I think everyone, if possible, should drive across the country, simply to see how vast it is and to see the w... Read more
Monday, July 07, 2014      11 comments

In a word, spectacular! Yesterday we drove from Calgary, Alberta, to Shelby, Montana. We drove the 52 mile "Going to the Sun" highway, which snakes its way through high mountain passes and 2 tunnels. At the summit, the banks of snow adjacent ... Read more
Leaving for home tomorrow morning
Friday, July 04, 2014      7 comments

Tomorrow we leave Calgary and go down into Montana to start our trip home. We were looking at maps tonight, planning our trip, and there are many things we will see on the way, all new to me, but most of which Peter has seen before. We w... Read more
Should explain...
Wednesday, July 02, 2014      8 comments

Losing weight while on vacation isn't adding stress for me. I almost always lose a few pounds when we travel, because I'm away from my fridge and cupboards, and don't eat "simply because the food is there". Generally it's easy for me to ch... Read more
Too many meals out!
Tuesday, July 01, 2014      12 comments

We are eating way too much food! My daughter and her husband are both overweight. Both travel extensively for business, and seem to eat out quite a bit when they are home. Calorie wise, I'm staying within my range, but it is taking a lo... Read more

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