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I'm Back....I'm FAT (Again)!
Thursday, March 04, 2021      7 comments

Hard to believe it's been 9 months since I blogged here. Maybe that was part of my problem.I avoided Spark and WW and anything else that had helped me lost and maintain my weight. I was an ostrich this past year, burying my head in the sand, ign... Read more
Inside the Dark World of an Addict
Wednesday, June 10, 2020      7 comments

In December of 2009, my doctor told me that my EKG moments ago seemed to show I'd already had a heart attack. At 328 lbs., I had feared that exact thing for a long time, but never enough so that I'd do something about it. I had been morbidly obe... Read more
Self Analysis--Five Realizations
Wednesday, May 20, 2020      5 comments

For over ten years now I have seriously studied my own behavior regarding my diet mostly, and have tried to figure out why I am a food addict. I have looked at my patterns, my binges, my gains and losses, just about everything having to do with ... Read more
Day ONE of Getting Back on Track
Friday, May 15, 2020      5 comments

I just counted and it's been nine weeks now of pandemic quarantine. I have totally lost my way, not because of stress, although this pandemic is scary, I'm not all that worried about me. I do worry about others, Duane with his cancer is especial... Read more
Six weeks (or is it more than that?) in Quarantine Report
Sunday, April 26, 2020      7 comments

"Isn't this a nice mess you've gotten us into?" I remember Oliver Hardy saying that to Stan Laurel in the old Laurel and Hardy movies. Kinda feels like a heckuva fix we're in right now, through no fault of anybody this time! I haven't been ... Read more
Got My Focus Back!
Saturday, March 07, 2020      3 comments

Hitting goal and then Lifetime at WW last Fall should have made maintenance easier, right? Right? Well not so much. I continue to struggle with eating too much, and the wrong things, especially between meals. For the four months since I made Lif... Read more
Everyone Needs a Friend Like Deb
Wednesday, February 05, 2020      4 comments

I've written before about my high school friend Deb, who has now become my WW buddy. I went to lunch with her a year ago in January and she told m... Read more
Back at WW Lifetime Weight!
Tuesday, January 07, 2020      8 comments

I'm hoping this time will be different. I'm hoping with the accountability of both my friend, Deb, and WW weigh-ins, I can maintain this weight for once and for all! Wouldn't that be great? I still struggle with too much snacking, however. I kno... Read more
Happy 2020!
Tuesday, December 31, 2019      7 comments

We've almost finished anther year and we're still here, so that is a very good thing! Sometimes I look ahead to next year and my most fervent prayer is that my Du will still be here with me to do all the things we love. Our Christmas(es) we... Read more
What An Honor!
Sunday, December 15, 2019      6 comments

About two weeks ago JoAnn, my WW leader, messaged me on FB, asking if I'd be willing to tell my story at a WW Open House coming up. "Sure," I responded. I felt really honored that she picked me, because admittedly I did NOT lose the whole 178 lb... Read more
Monday, November 04, 2019      5 comments

I was pretty stressed out about my weigh-in last Friday for WW Lifetime status. Duane came along (at my request). I wanted a picture with my WW workshop leader, JoAnne, and I knew my friend Deb wouldn't be there. (She is recently back from Cancu... Read more
Friday, November 01, 2019      5 comments

In approximately 2.5 hours I will step on the scale at WW, and determine if I have achieved Lifetime status or not. You will believe how excited/nervous/stressed I am about this, by noting that I am out of bed and writing this at 6:30 a.m. and h... Read more
NSV--More Energy for Grandkids
Sunday, September 29, 2019      5 comments

I had such a great week with my grandkids. Tuesday afternoon I picked Amber (10) and Noah (5) up from their after-school daycare. They had gone to a park close to my house, because it was an Early-Out Day, so it was super convenient for me. I dr... Read more
Monday, September 23, 2019      9 comments

I had a physical with my doctor last Thursday, and when I stepped on the scale it read, 149.4!! Duane (whose physical was scheduled right after mine, was standing there, waiting to get weighed, and I slapped his hand, giving him a high five and ... Read more
So Close to that Goal......
Monday, September 16, 2019      5 comments

Went back to WW this Friday after skipping last week. I knew I had a gain last week after going off track for two days when we went to Kansas City to celebrate our anniversary, plus Du had a procedure Friday morning, although I probably could ha... Read more

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