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Tuesday, July 15, 2008      1 comments

I went to the gym after work last Wednesday and saw a class that was going on. It was called Zumba and it looked like a lot of fun. I checked the schedule and it is every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30. I'm able to get to the gym before 5 so I ... Read more
I finally made it...
Wednesday, July 09, 2008      1 comments

I actually made it to the gym! This is the first time this year that I actually went. I spent 1.5 hours there last night. I did almost an hour of cardio and half that on machines. It felt so great! I have my gym bag with me and will go do m... Read more
The beach anyone?
Monday, June 30, 2008      2 comments

So I spend 4 days in San Diego, in which about half of that was spent on the beach. I wore the bikini that my hubby bought me at Xmas time. I'm so happy. I didn't feel uncomfortable in it at all. When I had tried it on previously, I couldn't... Read more
Ohh Blah...
Tuesday, June 24, 2008      2 comments

So I haven't been on this site in months. I have been fairly lazy. I've stuck with my healthy eating so I haven't gained anymore weight. I haven't lost anymore either. I had to stop riding my bike to and from work because the doc put me on m... Read more
Bike ride anyone??
Monday, March 03, 2008      1 comments

Holy crap!! I actually had motivation today. I rode my bike to work today! It is the first time that I have done this. It took me about 40 minutes. Once I get in better shape, I can easily see it taking me no more than half an hour. So I w... Read more
I'm being bad today...
Monday, February 18, 2008      3 comments

So my favorite Frenchman at work left an evil wicked box of godiva chocolates on my seat for me when I got into work this morning. I have been good and shared them with the other people in the office but there is still half a box left. I have ... Read more
Final test results
Saturday, February 02, 2008      2 comments

So the results are in. We found out that I'm allergic to a chemical that is found in a lot of cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and cleaning supplies. I am also allergic to a rubber mix that is found in a lot of rubbers, latex and elast... Read more
I get the results today!!!
Thursday, January 31, 2008      2 comments

In just over 4 hours, the patches come off my back and I get the rest of the results in regards to what I am allergic to. I am so excited about this. I'm going to take a nice long bath when they are done with me. My back has been itching and ... Read more
More allergy tests
Monday, January 28, 2008      1 comments

So I can't work out or even shower from this morning until this Thursday afternoon. I am currently undergoing 3 different patch tests to find out what other allergies I have. I have 3 strips on my back that can't get wet otherwise it will alte... Read more
Food allergies and weight gain
Monday, January 28, 2008      1 comments

For the last few months I have been eating very healthy, drinking more water, eating more rice and veggies. I've been doing what you are supposed to do in order to be healthy. For some odd reason, I just kept gaining weight though. I really c... Read more