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Irene's last hurrah
Tuesday, August 30, 2011      6 comments

Not long after I posted my last blog on Sunday, around 7 p.m., a tree knocked out our power taking down the lines on the next street over. So, we have spent just about the last 48 hours without power, using candles, electronic candles, and makin... Read more
Good night Irene!
Sunday, August 28, 2011      9 comments

We have been fortunate. Although a tree went down over a neighbor's house, two houses away, it did not crush the roof. The tree men have been there cutting branches most of the afternoon. There was a small audience watching the activities from... Read more
Pride and preparations give relief
Saturday, August 27, 2011      7 comments

Since it was pretty late last night once my son got his friends home safe, and got back home, I did not get outside to check the yard until a couple of hours ago. Except for a few little things that got missed in the dark, I was very impressed w... Read more
So it's a party
Friday, August 26, 2011      9 comments

Today marked four days that I was a passenger in our car. Today I braved actually getting my hair washed and cut at the salon! Today is just a few days before hurricane Irene, and I think we are as set as we can be - water, batteries, medic... Read more
Strong, Able, Focused
Thursday, August 25, 2011      9 comments

Those are the main topic words on my visual board, (my current background). They encompass my goals and how I approach my day. I am strong (stronger than when I was so weak I couldn't turn over without help). Yes, dragging or pulling onesel... Read more
Progress comes in all forms
Tuesday, August 23, 2011      5 comments

I can walk - sometimes with a cane, sometimes with the walker, sometimes on my own. A lot on my own during the day, and the walker first thing in the morning. I am eating smaller portions, and stopping when I hit full. I tolerated a l... Read more
Humming - old song, new words
Sunday, August 21, 2011      8 comments

It's a play on an old song ... I feel pretty.... etc. well.... I feel ... skinny... It's not that the scale shows a whole lot of difference, but it is hard to weigh when you can't bend down to look, and you wear a back brace that add... Read more
The changes that happen when you're not watching
Saturday, August 20, 2011      7 comments

Everything changes. No bout a doubt it, it does (no doubt about it - I can be verbally dyslexic at times, and this is one of my fun little mix-ups). It happens whether you want it to, whether you plan it to, whether you anticipate it or not.... Read more
had my zipper, I mean staples, removed
Thursday, August 18, 2011      7 comments

Here I am, officially resting after spending nearly 3 hours at the doctor's office. I waited in the waiting room an hour and a half (not bad really, lol), then once I got in the office, the staples were removed - all 22 of them! The incision i... Read more
Camel Day
Wednesday, August 17, 2011      8 comments

Yes, this is the proverbial hump day. I am resting on the camel's hump. If you want to really know what I am doing, that can sum it up in a heartbeat. RESTING. I really really really am resting. I am eating in moderation. Rea... Read more
A teeny bit of Monday, and an open schedule
Monday, August 15, 2011      5 comments

I can count on one hand all of my appointments for the Month of August, and that included surgery. I get the staples out Thursday, then next week I go twice for allergy shots. After the non-stop month of appointments in July, despite the pain an... Read more
Thankful for little things, and not so little things
Friday, August 12, 2011      10 comments

Today (and not just today) I am thankful for ..... God, and faith in Him a fabulous husband A wonderful 18 yr old son who is becoming an awesome young man That I have completed all three surgeries and have nothing else sla... Read more
Tuesday, August 09, 2011      9 comments

I am now officially one week post-op for the final surgery! Yay! I slept pretty good last night, and eating better. I am focusing on eating healthy, drinking my water, eating my fruits and veggies, moving around. Today, I went out on our ... Read more
a short Sunday still in the hopsicle blog
Sunday, August 07, 2011      7 comments

Yes, I know, I love to misspell hotspital. It makes the barely bearable a little more fun. I have a tiny little black flying bug for company by the way. That and my happy meal smurf. I did not eat the happy meal, I never liked smurfs. I like t... Read more
It's me, the hubby again....I love this woman
Saturday, August 06, 2011      12 comments

Hi, everyone, and Deb especially. I am so sorry that the love of my life is going through such misery. Tonight, was the best I saw her, except for the frustration of not being able to come home. And honey, sorry that I felt so wiped out....I ... Read more

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