OMG I'm so mad at myself
Sunday, August 16, 2009      1 comments

Okay here we go, I'm not setting a good example and I should be. I've been way depressed and eating and eating and eating. I've gain 13 pounds back...ouch not good!!!! So today I'm setting a new goal. I'm going to to go the gym 7 days a week... Read more
So much for starting over!!!!
Tuesday, June 02, 2009      2 comments

Well yesterday we no longer have a car do to some one ramming into are rear. My husband is not working, I'm stuck at home and not able to go anywhere. It's hot out side. I'm thinking tomorrow morning I'll get up earlier and take the dogs for a w... Read more
Starting Over
Thursday, May 21, 2009      3 comments

Okay I've stayed the same for quite some time and now I'm starting a new goal. I've lost 30 pounds and have stayed here long enough that I need to start over. I'm now giving up I'm just starting a new tracker, I'm tired of sitting still and work... Read more
Even though I want to give up I'm not going to
Saturday, May 16, 2009      0 comments

I've been on the atkins diet and it's easy but really hard for me. I don't mind doing it but I can't feed my kids on it so I give them yogurts and lots of fruit. It's been hard not to take a bite r two. I haven't over done it but I want to move ... Read more
Oh no why I'm I loosing motivation???????
Tuesday, June 10, 2008      5 comments

Okay, For some reason I'm loosing motivation, getting down on my self. Well it started Saturday. We did NOT go any where I planned on going to the gym and we didn't. We sat around and did NOTHING. You are who you hang out with. When my hubby is ... Read more
My before Pictures
Wednesday, April 30, 2008      2 comments

This is my before Picture at 232. I put this in my closet and kitchen Pantry. I do not want to continue to look like this ANY MORE or ever again. I really don't like this picture and looking at it makes me want to change . I can't wait... Read more
Sunday, February 24, 2008      3 comments

Ug, I stepped on the scale today and I knew I should have waited. I was going to wait till next week because I injured my back so I haven't been able to do much. I really want to lose weight and I gained 5. Yuck. I've been eating good. I don't ... Read more