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I may have fallen off but I didn't knock myself out!
Tuesday, August 13, 2013      1 comments

Over the past year I have gained back 30 pounds of the 85 I had lost. First mistake... I lost focus on maintaining balance in my life when I accepted a full-time desk job 30 miles away from home and leaving a part-time position at a local Curve... Read more
Off the treadmill and onto the sidewalks! Yay for spring-like weather!!
Tuesday, March 06, 2012      0 comments

The last two days I stepped outside for some wonderful walking! How I have missed the sunshine and fresh (somewhat... more about that below) air! Yesterday I was in need of some bananas, so tucked into my fanny-pack a little light-weight backp... Read more
6 Months after Reaching "Goal" Weight
Wednesday, February 15, 2012      1 comments

February 6th marked my 6-month Maintenance Anniversary and this morning I weighed in at 140. I fluctuate between 140 and 143 on any given day. And I am very happy with this range. It has not been difficult to maintain because I have kept... Read more
Happy New Year!
Monday, January 02, 2012      0 comments

5 months since I reached my goal weight (and then some!) and maintenance is still consistent. I am grateful for all my new health has brought to me and those I love. I am more energetic, more relaxed, more mobile and active, and more open to t... Read more
About the "Letting Go"
Sunday, November 13, 2011      1 comments

I have been very faithful to pre-planning and tracking every morsel I have taken in even after reaching my goal weight in August and since entering Stage 4 of the SparkPeople 'Diet'. This week, I have decided that I will track only two days a w... Read more
If you do nothing else, Read... Don't Wing It!
Saturday, October 29, 2011      2 comments

Tonight was a great night! Husband took me to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" as performed by our local Community Theatre, and it was such a thrill for me. Before the show, we went to one of our favorite restaurants and ate a perfectly grilled st... Read more
Happily Back on the Treadmill!
Monday, October 10, 2011      3 comments

It's Monday... a good day, indeed. The past week I have had stuffy nose, cranky lungs and unhappy belly. A cold? Allergies triggered by acres and acres of crops being harvested nearby while the NW Iowa wind heaves and howls? Doesn't really ma... Read more
Gearing up for Cooler (who's kidding who, here?) weather
Wednesday, October 05, 2011      1 comments

One thought that I held close to my heart all last winter was that I truly wanted to "emerge from my own cocoon come spring". Unfortunately, I was relatively a newbie to forming AND maintaining strong healthy habits, like 30 minutes of exercise... Read more
Keeping it fresh and fun!
Wednesday, September 28, 2011      1 comments

Today I didn't take my usual first-thing-in-the-morning walk on my treadmill. I did, however, jump on the treadmill as soon as I got in this afternoon and accomplished my 2.3 miles, which made me feel just great about keeping it consistent. ... Read more
Life at Goal... I LOVE shopping for clothes now!
Wednesday, September 21, 2011      0 comments

Yesterday, Mom and I went to a newly discovered consignment shop recommended by more than one member at the Curves Club where I work part-time. The clothes there were high quality and unique, too! I ended up finding two new pair of britches (si... Read more
Let them eat cake! (I'll just have a bite)
Monday, August 15, 2011      0 comments

We spent 5 days with Family in Illinois this past week highlighted by a 97th Birthday party for Husband's great uncle (great genes there). Lots of good food and, of course, birthday cake. I don't know how I have avoided the temptation of butter... Read more
NOW that I'm at goal...
Saturday, August 06, 2011      0 comments

1. I did NOT celebrate by having a "pig out"- I thought I would. I celebrated by taking a 2mi walk on my treadmill and calling Mom (and breaking into my "Happy Dance" many many times throughout this day). 2. I will post a new picture of ... Read more
TOUCHDOWN! (Or should I say, "LIFTOFF!)
Saturday, August 06, 2011      3 comments

Today, August 6, 2011, I have reached GOAL weight! Actually, surpassed it just a wee bit! I almost can't believe it, but then again, why not? THANKS to all of you for your presence here... your personal efforts and the support of your CAN-DO spi... Read more
"Company" does not have to translate to "Easy Excuse"
Friday, August 05, 2011      1 comments

Over the past four years, the only guests we have enticed to our little corner of NW Iowa have been my in-laws. Mom is an avid walker and really smart eater so I have always gotten a good bit of exercise and stocked my fridge for her with lots ... Read more
"Before" Picture Posted (and that was hard for me to do)
Tuesday, August 02, 2011      0 comments

Earlier this week, I was browsing through Husband's photography and found this picture of me (now uploaded to my Spark page). My mouth fell open. I could not believe it was me. Wow! Have I come a long way! Mid-July (just 2 weeks ago) I l... Read more

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