Doing a Happy Dance!!!!
Saturday, January 17, 2009      0 comments

Good News/Bad News
Monday, January 05, 2009      0 comments

Good news, didn't gain. Bad news, didn't lose. Stayed the same. Sigh, how boring... Oh well, lots of things to do today. Maybe I'll watch Oprah today. She's having problems too. She might have some good ideas. (She pays enough for weight lo... Read more
Sunday, January 04, 2009      2 comments

I went up a pound! How did that happen? I was so GOOD! Probably my body rebelling against all that healthy crap - I mean, food. Sigh, keep on, keeping on. ... Read more
Happy New Year!
Thursday, January 01, 2009      0 comments

This is my Progress Report picture (also in my gallery). I'm feeling really good right now; giving up wine and salt has shown results already. It's only been 4 days and I've ... Read more
December 31 Progress Report
Wednesday, December 31, 2008      1 comments

Since I started Spark on November 16, 2008, I've lost 6 pounds. I feel good about that, especially since I had the holidays to deal with. But I've been yo-yo'ing since I star... Read more
Incorporating Flylady with Spark
Monday, December 29, 2008      3 comments

I started November 14 and I've yo-yo'd ever since. But I've still lost about two pounds since then, and that was during the holidays. Have you ever heard of FLYlady? FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself. She is a home organizational expert wh... Read more
Yo-yo-ing Again
Thursday, December 04, 2008      1 comments

Well, I've done it again. Lost 4 pounds and gained 3 back! And it's only been 3 weeks. I almost quit, but I'm still hanging in there by a thread because I really want to do it this time. Part of the problem is not exercising, but my ba... Read more
My Best Friend Asked Why I Had Only Lost Four Pounds
Monday, December 01, 2008      3 comments

I'm just starting on week 3 and my best friend asked me why I had only lost four pounds. I wish it was more, but I did the best I could - especially since a little thing called Thanksgiving was last week. Oh well, friends always know how to push... Read more
Happy Thanksgiving!
Wednesday, November 26, 2008      0 comments

I've been almost dreading Thanksgiving. This is my second week on the program and I've lost about 3 pounds. (Actually, I've lost 4 pounds but gained one back, which I hope is only temporary.) I've lost 5 pounds so many times only to gain it back... Read more
Fast Breaking Week 2
Tuesday, November 25, 2008      0 comments

I've lost 4 pounds, and I'm happy about that-Really! But I can't help thinking how many times I've lost 4 pounds only to gain them back and more. And Thanksgiving is looming over the horizon. I'm going to make sure that, no matter what, I g... Read more
Halfway through Fastbreak
Saturday, November 22, 2008      1 comments

Hi, I'm starting on Week 2 of sparkliving. I've lost 5 pounds and of course that makes me feel great! emoticon ... Read more
God Loves Me
Thursday, November 20, 2008      1 comments

emoticon Even though I went over my caloric and carb goal, I lost 2 pounds - more than I've lost since I sta... Read more
I messed up.
Thursday, November 20, 2008      3 comments

I messed up. Got hungry and ate some things not on my meal plan. emoticon I think if I had had some lite snack fo... Read more
LindaRuth's Excellent Adventure
Wednesday, November 19, 2008      0 comments

Well, I lost a pound and a half, so I feel a little better. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to do a challenge from one of my teams to scrap my weight loss. The idea is to take a picture of yourself at least once a month and scrap yo... Read more
Day 3
Tuesday, November 18, 2008      2 comments

emoticon I've gained two pounds since starting 3 days ago! I'm so discouraged, I don't expect to lose right a... Read more

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