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Almost 40 lbs lost
Tuesday, June 18, 2019      2 comments

I've lost 39 lbs and still have not change my dress size. It's disheartening. But whoo-hoo 39 lbs.... Read more
What a day!
Tuesday, June 04, 2019      1 comments

Went to the V.A. early and got in a walk for 36 minutes before my yoga class, then a 53 min walk at lunch, before a class about mindfulness in health, then drove across town for a qi gong class today, with a 20-minute walk waiting for a ride to ... Read more
Twenty Minutes to Eat?
Thursday, May 23, 2019      2 comments

Today I decided to try and take the entire 20 minutes to eat my hot lunch. What a disaster. I was eating rice and beans with peas. The first 10 minutes it was hot-warm enough to taste good. The rest of the time it was cold and tasted gross, I di... Read more
Pizza Day
Wednesday, May 22, 2019      4 comments

I LOVE pizza. I was good though and only had one piece (under 300 calories). I did 6500 steps so far and that's great for me. I met my fiber goal. I'm not really hungry. There are days where I'm hungry, but I'd say 9 out of 10 days I'm sati... Read more
May 20
Monday, May 20, 2019      0 comments

Yesterday, I found Google Fit for my phone. It works really well. It tracks my steps and it tracks exercises if I tell it to. I wish I remembered to take my phone everywhere, but that will come in time. No real sweet cravings today. Fiber k... Read more
Sunday, May 19, 2019      2 comments

I don't know where I'd be without snacks during the day. Today I tried Harvest Snaps Green Pea Snack Crisps and they are so good. 5 grams of fiber keeps me full. I didn't have any sugar cravings today as I took a Fiber bar with caramel and soake... Read more
Saturday, May 18, 2019      3 comments

It's been so so long since I've eaten beets, I'd forgotten how delicious and umami they are. I should add them to my diet more often. Today was Produce Without Waste day. I got there too late to get the tomatoes on the vine but they had spaghett... Read more
Qi Gong
Friday, May 17, 2019      2 comments

Qi Gong today and it was a workout. I was surprised. However, while everyone was going left, I was going right. I don't know why but it's a thing I always do. It's embarrassing. Oh, well. I like it.... Read more
Javelina and Saguaro
Thursday, May 16, 2019      0 comments

What a beautiful day in Tucson. I went for a ride today (in the car) just to look at the wonderful Saguaro cactus in full bloom. Out of nowhere, a huge javelina pig crossed the road in front of us and scared the life out of us. Someone had scare... Read more
Left the 220s
Wednesday, May 15, 2019      6 comments

Met my last 5-pound goal and left the 220s far behind. Had 2 fiber full Fiber One sweet bars and got my fiber and sugar fix. Went to MOVE class where they measured my waist and lost 5" since March when they last measured. "You're losing fat weig... Read more
Sugar Part 2
Monday, May 13, 2019      0 comments

My sugar cravings are satisfied with Splenda and stevia in my drinks; I occasionally have a piece of candy but I'm more of a salt-a-holic than a sugarholic. A piece of cake every so often or a piece of candy (my favorite is the Hershey White Cho... Read more
Sunday, May 12, 2019      1 comments

I don't crave sweets very often, but when I do I find a satisfying under 200 calorie snack and eat it. I also try a few Altoids (Cinnamon) and eat those. Breakfast cereal is also another good way to get my sugar fix.... Read more
MOVE class
Wednesday, May 08, 2019      2 comments

Went to my first MOVE! class at the VA today. The information they gave us was good, but I felt like I was the only woman there. Also, I wanted to lose weight for me and they all wanted to lose weight for health reasons. I'm going to continue go... Read more
Motivation Ups and Downs
Saturday, May 04, 2019      2 comments

At my largest, I weighed 259 lbs. I then got to 175 lbs and decided I wanted to eat what I felt like. I gained back to 249 this go round. It took 3 years for me to want to lose it again, but here I am. On the scale today, it read 224.4 and I am ... Read more
So upset today
Wednesday, May 01, 2019      2 comments

I was so upset today about the yo-yo-ing of my weight loss that I said to hell with it! I'm going out to eat, but surprisingly I just went to Subway, had a 260 calorie Black Forest 6" with baked chips and a diet drink for a total of 400 calories... Read more

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