Exercise helps depression and anxiety, but...
Tuesday, October 14, 2014      4 comments

I'm seriously looking for answers to this. I know exercise helps, and I have been walking, though not as long a walk as I should be taking. How do I make myself exercise when all I can think of is getting away from this anxiety? It has me par... Read more
Is Running the Only Way?
Thursday, October 09, 2014      4 comments

When reading success stories, whether part of Spark People's "official" stories or looking at Spark pages and blogs, I see running mentioned as a progression and boost to weight loss. I would love to run! When I see people running down t... Read more
Still walking
Wednesday, October 08, 2014      3 comments

The walking I started a few days ago has become a permanent part of my day. On Sundays I take care of my grand kids for about 10 hours, and Mondays are full with therapy, making the week's meals in my crock pot and writing class at night, so I ... Read more
I walked this morning
Saturday, October 04, 2014      3 comments

It doesn't sound like such a big deal, taking a walk, does it? For me, it was a giant thing, a huge victory, taken without pushing myself to put my shoes on. My depression and anxiety often hold me prisoner, though, locking me in a room I leav... Read more