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Nice enjoyable lazy day....yep.
Saturday, July 03, 2010      6 comments

Day 97 Fat Loss Diary.... So today was my day off from working out so I sorta veged in front of the computer, played some computer games, sparked went for a 30 minute power walk in this beautiful wonderful weather( not to hot and not to col... Read more
A Double Double Workout Day!! Rev abs and Turbo Fire!! WOOHOO!!
Friday, July 02, 2010      9 comments

Day 96 Fat Loss Diary... So today I woke up reved and ready to go love days like today when you wake up with great energy! So today after breakfast I popped in Rev Abs a 40 minute workout mostly zooming in on the abs and cardio intervals ma... Read more
WooHoo!! I Have Lost 17 and 1/2 Inches Of My Entire Body Since Joining Sparks 3 Months Ago!!
Thursday, July 01, 2010      16 comments

Day 95 Fat Loss Diary... I can't believe it was a reality check for me today, when I woke up I weighed myself and had lost only 4 stupid lbs now instead of getting mad because I knew how well all my cloths are fitting me I laughed at the sc... Read more
The Best Workout Ever!! Fun and Sweatie!!
Wednesday, June 30, 2010      12 comments

Day 94 Fat Loss diary... emoticonanother day down! Woke up a bit tired from yesterdays events was thinking a... Read more
A very busy day and new shoes!!
Wednesday, June 30, 2010      9 comments

June 29th Day 94 Fat loss Diary... Woke up knowing I had to do a workout first thing so I groaned as I dragged myself out of bed not looking forward to doing a workout on a empty stomach, I almost talked myself out of it but didn't I h... Read more
A Tip For People Who GET Migraines... And Another Day Closer To My Weight Loss Goals!! WOOHOO!
Tuesday, June 29, 2010      12 comments

June 28th Day 93 Fat Loss Diary... Wow I love the way how P90X is making me look and feel! Flexchef is also really ... Read more
Very tired... but a very good day as well!!
Sunday, June 27, 2010      8 comments

Day 92 Fat Loss Diary... Well here we are another day done! Ate really great today had my steel cut oats for breakfast, man I do so love them they beat oatmeal by a long shot!! It is a lower carb day for me I like higher carb days way bette... Read more
Birthday Parties and Making Healthy Food Choices (or trying to)...
Sunday, June 27, 2010      10 comments

June 26... Day 91 Fat Loss Diary So today I thought after running around all week like a chicken with its head cut off that I would be able to enjoy my day off by having breakfast going for a nice walk the weather was so nice, just me ... Read more
3 Months!! Has it really been 3 months??
Saturday, June 26, 2010      7 comments

June 25th.. Day 90 Fat Loss Diary... Wow, time flies, I can't believe it has been 3 months already that I joined sparks have made some ... Read more
A LIfe Style Change!! Not A Diet!!
Thursday, June 24, 2010      10 comments

Day 89 Fat Loss Diary... Wow that cast iron skillet is sure doing its job I almost feel like I did years ago before I had kids! Its a great feeling ... Read more
Family crises!!
Thursday, June 24, 2010      9 comments

June 23rd Day 88 Fat Loss Diary... I had to fore go my workout today due to my daughter and four kids being back ended 2 days ago her van was a total write off and now her neck back and arms are bothering her so I had to go into town toda... Read more
Feeling good once again with P90X.Yep!
Tuesday, June 22, 2010      7 comments

Day 87 Fat Loss Diary... emoticon about my emotional breakdown yesterday, the weather is awesome here its br... Read more
Have you ever had a really feeling fat day?
Monday, June 21, 2010      17 comments

Day 86 Fat Loss Diary... Have you ever had a really feeling fat day? Or have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right days? You can't get your hair looking the way you want to because the weathers to hot, you can't seem... Read more
Loving Life & Being Healthy!!
Sunday, June 20, 2010      9 comments

Day 85 Fat Loss Diary... Woke up this morning full of energy and pep!! emoticon My 4 day head Cold is gone!! ... Read more
Read this if you binge eat at night and can't seem to stop!
Saturday, June 19, 2010      8 comments

Day 84 Fat Loss Diary... Calories consumed at night will not turn into fat: a 200 calorie snack before bedtime ( like 1oz of walnuts and 1 cup of non fat milk my favorite snack before bed) won't land on your hips any more so than the sam... Read more

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