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Tuesday, July 11, 2006      0 comments

I am so proud because today I hit my first target which was to lose 15lbs because now I only have to lose one more pound to be able to say I am 2 something rather than 3 something.... Read more
Monday, June 26, 2006      0 comments

TIME ORIENTED: Every 4 weeks: dye hair WEIGHT ORIENTED: 300: new piece of art 275: new clothes 250: tattoo 225: rowing maching from Mercantila new clothes 200: tattoo gym membership 175: new clothes 150: tattoo... Read more
Greasy Food
Sunday, June 18, 2006      0 comments

I feel absolutely discusting right now. I just had a cheese sausage, bun, fries, ketchup & mayo because I had a hankering for it - now I wish I had never indulged. My stomach is feeling sooooo full right now that I am hoping I don't actually thr... Read more
The things I can't do now because of my weight:
Monday, June 12, 2006      0 comments

*Kneel - without cutting off blood supply to my feet *Cross my legs *Shop in a regular clothing store *Basically any physical activity: hiking, cycling, tennis, swimming - heck, I can barely walk at this point! *Wake up without back pain... Read more
Sunday, June 04, 2006      0 comments

Baz Lurhman "Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen)" Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’97... wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be IT. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved ... Read more
Sunday, June 04, 2006      0 comments

When we look at a statue of someone great, we think they've got something we don't. We are trained to believe that only a tiny percentage of us have what it takes to be a hero. Not many of us will cure any diseases or slay any dragons, but every... Read more
One Week Anniversary!!!
Sunday, June 04, 2006      0 comments

I am proud of the fact that I have been working to better myself for a week and even though its hard, and I have a long way to go I have taken the first steps.... Read more
June 3
Saturday, June 03, 2006      0 comments

I can't believe it. Even though I don't have anyone to tell about this and to celebrate with I am still happy. Every day for the past week my leg has started really hurting at the 8 minute mark. I push myself to the 10 minute mark then stretch a... Read more