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Day 19- Can't let up for a second.
Tuesday, May 28, 2013      0 comments

Well, I guess that is what I learned from the last two days...that I can't let up for a second or else rebel me will quickly rear her ugly head and I will get out of control. Even so, I still had my juice for the past two days (just ate jun... Read more
Day 18- Today sucked
Monday, May 27, 2013      0 comments

Not much of a blog entry. No gym again today due to the holiday. Had watermelon juice. Ate a normal dinner. Ate chocolate. (I wrote a long entry about why it sucked, but then I decided it was too personal about my son's autism and how it ef... Read more
Day 17- No support
Sunday, May 26, 2013      0 comments

Today I wish it wasn't Sunday. The YMCA doesn't open until 1, but the kidcare is closed and M just announced he was going out for the day to help his g-parents with their yard and wasn't taking them...so no gym/swim for me. Can't exactly swim... Read more
Unhappy truths - What to learn from failing?
Saturday, May 25, 2013      0 comments

I have no wish to fail all the time. I know people say failing is good and that we should learn from failing...but it doesn't feel like that! I kind of feel like being obese in the first place is already failing in a really public and obvio... Read more
Day 16- Coconut
Saturday, May 25, 2013      0 comments

Pineapple juice this morning, yum! Except...it didn't hold my energy for the entire workout...I really needed the mean green juice because I know the energy from that lasts. I'm going to make some watermelon juice...I've never had it, but my kid... Read more
Me. Meet Floor.
Friday, May 24, 2013      1 comments

It's all in the little things. A and I were in the store getting my fruits and veggies...she managed to spill 1/2 a snack cup all over the floor in the one second a turned to look at something...without even thinking I dropped straight to t... Read more
Day 15- First day of juice fast
Friday, May 24, 2013      1 comments

Okay, here I go :) First day, juice only...no food...I probably won't even notice until dinner when I'm used to eating... Mean green juice I made yesterday tastes extra-limey today. The limes were off someone's tree in the neighborhood :) ... Read more
Day 14-Taking the training wheels off (tomorrow juice fast begins)
Thursday, May 23, 2013      0 comments

Today is the last day I'm doing my half juice/half food. I'm feeling comfortable that I can do the juice fast. I know how to make the juices, I know where to get the produce and back up places to get it if needed...and where not to get it ... Read more
Day 13- Emotional rollercoaster- Depression, anxiety, anger...
Wednesday, May 22, 2013      0 comments

So, is this clearing? I'm not even doing ONLY juice yet, just adding 3 green juices a day...BUT, something is definitely going on with me emotionally... All along, but especially the last few days my emotions are definitely more volatile th... Read more
Day 12 - It is not a habit yet...
Tuesday, May 21, 2013      0 comments

This morning I woke up in a bad mood. When my mind is not in it, everything is so much harder to do! I decided to go to the gym as soon as the childcare opened (much earlier than usual)...I did the aqua zumba class which usually would have... Read more
Day 11 - Dear Body,
Monday, May 20, 2013      0 comments

Dear body, I don't need this extra weight. please use the extra weight, the extra stored fat for energy. That would be helpful. You'll feel much better. Maybe I needed it to help me deal with feelings and stress at some point, and thank yo... Read more
Day 10- Back is doing better, weight is going down :)
Sunday, May 19, 2013      0 comments

I was looking at my history on the weight charts and other reports here on Spark...I don't think it is/was ever that the program and what I was doing wasn't working...only that I repeatedly stopped and went back to old habits when I got stressed... Read more
Day 9- I'm still going, but tanking in some areas
Saturday, May 18, 2013      0 comments

The good & random stuff I've had two green juices so far today and what people say about beginning to crave their "green-ness" is true! I got some garden grown giant cucumbers from the mom&pop gas station down the road. I give them a lot of... Read more
Day 8 - Back was out yesterday
Friday, May 17, 2013      3 comments

My back was out yesterday :( I didn't make any juice, just finished up the red juice I had left. It isn't 100% better today, but today I can stand and walk fine, sitting still hurts. My chairs have no back support at all. I made mean g... Read more
Day 7- juicing w/ one meal & snack still :(
Thursday, May 16, 2013      1 comments

Juicing/Food I'm still juicing all day with one meal & a snack in the evening...(not where I'd hoped to be on day 7). My "snack" has been total junk the past two days too. I'm needing to get this down and consistent, but then I still w... Read more

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