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Playing is a good thing
Tuesday, December 30, 2008      1 comments

Today I was suppose to go over to the city and get my monthly infusion for my arthritis. Fortunately I got the phone call canceling it BEFORE I got onto the ferry. So I ended up calling my neighbor and arranging a play date. She has 2 girls, ... Read more
Ghost Dog - The Game of finding Abe
Wednesday, December 17, 2008      10 comments

Abe and I have continued our daily walks, hitting the beach when the low tide is at a decent hour, ie anytime other than 8am or after 4pm (I need light or I would kill myself on a... Read more
Drivers License
Friday, December 05, 2008      8 comments

Yesterday I was shopping and I had to pull out my drivers license for proof of identification. The sales person looked at my drivers license, looked at me, and smiled. "Wow you look very different!" I thanked her and acknowledged that I had l... Read more
Celebrating a Marriage
Friday, November 21, 2008      10 comments

Wednesday was my 16th wedding anniversary. It kind of boggles our minds that we have been together for 18 years. It honestly doesn't feel like it has been that long and yet it seems like we have been together for a very long time. We came tog... Read more
Social time
Saturday, November 08, 2008      7 comments

Yesterday was a "social" day for me. I use quotes because although I am quite social on a daily basis online, I don't really have a lot of person to person contact on a regular basis. My interactions consists of the sparse morning (and evening) ... Read more
The World has Ended
Thursday, October 23, 2008      9 comments

Nice dramatic title but considering I am horrible about blogging (hey only so many hours in the day!!)... So I had a team mate on South Beach post her "fat" picture online a couple weeks ago, admitting how darn hard it was to do that. I re... Read more
Thanks Portishead!
Wednesday, October 22, 2008      4 comments

So the contraption above is evil. When we started our challenge, I was up to 5 minutes twice a day. My goal for the 8 weeks was to reach 10 minutes which I thought was reasonable. But somehow I seemed to be stuck at 6 minutes. Let me tell y... Read more
Mushroom season
Wednesday, October 15, 2008      7 comments

I am a mushroom fan. I will eat POUNDS of them over meat. When the rains hit, it is time for the mushrooms to hit the markets (and the woods). I got to go mushroom picking with a friend and came across one of my favorites: lobster mushrooms.... Read more
Seasons of Change
Saturday, October 04, 2008      4 comments

We have officially left the warm summer days behind. Yesterday we had torrential rains and a huge tree came down, the first but undoubtedly not the last of the rain/storm season. I took Abe for a walk in the rain. He would run ahead, duck und... Read more
Friday, September 19, 2008      6 comments

Figs grow locally here in the Pacific Northwest but I have only had fresh figs once a couple years ago. I picked up a basket last week from our local market and really enjoyed it. So when the market got in 4 different kinds and on sale, I thou... Read more
Cobbler #2
Wednesday, September 03, 2008      3 comments

The other day for my husband's birthday, I decided I would make a blackberry cobbler using the blackberries and strawberries I had just picked. I pulled it all together as Abe sat in the kitchen and watched me. When it was done, I sat it on th... Read more
Stuff You Didn't Know
Tuesday, August 26, 2008      13 comments

The longest one-syllable word in the English language is “screeched.” “Dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt”. Almonds are members of the peach family. The symbol on the “pound” key (#) is called an octotho... Read more
Me and the Squirrels
Thursday, August 21, 2008      9 comments

My husband has pointed out to me that clearly a squirrel is one of my power animals in life. My freezer and current frenzy concurs with his assessment. I have been gathering, storing, and freezing all my favorites for the impending winter mont... Read more
Beach life
Tuesday, August 12, 2008      11 comments

On the beach Abe and I walk daily, we have several sets of eagles who nest in the trees along the edge. One day we were walking along and I see what I think are dogs in the distance. As we get closer, I see that the dogs are a pair of eagles. ... Read more
The Debate
Thursday, July 31, 2008      9 comments

So earlier in this week I jumped on the scale to see that I broke into the 135's and had to do a double take (AND grab my granny glasses - life of getting old!). I decided not to change the tracker until I saw the weight again. Of course I pro... Read more

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