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HELLO I'm back!!!!!! :-)
Friday, January 23, 2015      3 comments

Grettings to all spark followers, Well it has been a while, now I'm ready to do some improvements on food chioces and little more excersise fun art stuff and writing... ... Read more
creative space for hogwarts art class
Thursday, March 06, 2014      7 comments

I write romantic stroy on gerry with Dr franklin ... Read more
Gerry's life lessons on change :-)  
Wednesday, February 19, 2014      1 comments

Gerry's Valentine Comes To Visit by Dolly Gryffindor   Dedicated to those who are willing to be loved, to be in a relationship.  I hope to have one in the near future. ... Read more
Boggarts in the closet ...:-/
Thursday, January 16, 2014      5 comments

Caine speaking studying dolly's schudle for ideas dolly is tired today.... Hmmm time to revise some things you now your friend sunshine is right.. sometimes out house ... Read more
Ravens writing assingment (Time magament Experiment)
Friday, January 10, 2014      3 comments

This I KNOW so far.....doing research on my patterns why do I have issues on time magaement What: Time Magament  ISSUE : structuring my time ....  General Information...: I have a different lifestyle than those who work everyday 9_5 m t... Read more
Johnny ' s coming to yule ball.... :-D
Thursday, December 19, 2013      6 comments

Few hours before the gala at the great hall..... emoticon Dolly has been getting lyrics,pictures of johnny ... Read more
christmas wonderland winter memories for Sugarland winter gala
Wednesday, December 18, 2013      8 comments

the Great Hall Ok these are the pictures I have chosen for the yule ball sugarplum gala for my group and visitors who are curious on the table pictures .... fun to do m... Read more
yule ball for hogwarts (with pictures) :-D
Thursday, December 05, 2013      13 comments

Fancy ball at hogwarts coming soon.... 3 dresses to choose from dress #1 dress#2 ... Read more
Here Comes the Sun ( in honor of my sister mary likes the beatles)
Monday, November 11, 2013      8 comments

This is my new motto in life and to honor my sister Mary who liked the Beatles....( i miss her sometimes and i will be all right) ... Read more
Thankful in many ways :-)
Thursday, November 07, 2013      10 comments

Since this is Novemember, thanksgiving is coming up.... I wounder sometimes if people are truly thankful despite the struggles in life. All i hear on tv a lot of negativity and blame etc. ... Read more
DOLLY TIME ( time for myself) ;-)
Wednesday, September 11, 2013      8 comments

Two things::: thanks to everyone who replied on my last blog : Life hurts sometimes emoticon i got some ideas ... Read more
Life hurts sometimes :-(
Monday, September 09, 2013      17 comments

Dealing with life can be annyoing.. Three streesors.....biggie------- Dealing with ma( role caretaking as caring daughter or roles daughter become a parent parent become a child?????? have been switched.??????????? . Give suggestion... Read more
Freggies this week:-)
Tuesday, August 20, 2013      6 comments

I added on try experement other slightly healthier versions dont know if there fruit veggies on these items : crackers graham , pita chips, vallenia yourget, a smoothie pomergranate blueberry to try this week.... ... Read more
Learning the food tracker (without instructions) :-)
Wednesday, August 07, 2013      8 comments

Thanks to Chelsea's suggestion USE the Food tracker!!!!! Learning along the way .. Add on the items for food is bit easier, what not easy is switching junk to healthy ( never knew so many processed foods out there... Cookies cake fre... Read more
B butterflies food day# 3 :-/
Monday, August 05, 2013      4 comments

Today is day three same menu from yesterday ( busy last few days didn't have chance to study menu choices...study other team members ( food blogs ) and more recipes on Sparkpeople for ideas... ... Read more

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