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Sunday, August 16, 2020      5 comments

This last week was a long one in some ways. I was back to work onsite for the first time since March. I've been to the school in between that time, but this was the first official reporting to work at the school since we left for spring break ... Read more
Big change
Tuesday, August 04, 2020      8 comments

One decision made, for better or worse. It'll grow back either way. ... Read more
Decisions Decisions
Sunday, August 02, 2020      7 comments

Lots of decisions this week. We finished the house upheaval on Friday. I have three more boxes of donations ready to go, I'm just waiting to find out if the foster closet takes adult size jackets or if I need to just take them to the thrif... Read more
Note to self
Friday, July 24, 2020      11 comments

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT write a blog while prepping for a trip. I re-read my last blog and realize now how stressed I sounded. So backstory... every time I am going somewhere unfamiliar or for more than a night or two at my folks' hous... Read more
Move it #3
Sunday, July 05, 2020      9 comments

It's been a busy week, but I haven't checked everything off of my to do list that I had hoped to. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and just not getting very far. Like walking the wrong way on one of those airport moving sidewalks. What's do... Read more
Trying to move it
Sunday, June 28, 2020      7 comments

So last week I sort of laid out my plan for the week - and talked about my major cleaning project for the summer. I have made progress, but as alwa... Read more
Time to...
Sunday, June 21, 2020      9 comments

...Move it A little disjointed here - more like 3 smaller blogs that one cohesive one. Or maybe just a word vomit thing. I can't believe I've been on summer break for a month already, and I haven't done a dang thing. Yikes. Every su... Read more
Use it or Lose it
Sunday, January 12, 2020      11 comments

This is sort of my "new year new me" blog, except that it's really not. This is stuff I've been thinking about a lot lately, and it just happens to coincide with the new year. I'd like to think I'd be working on the same things in August if th... Read more
Thursday, January 02, 2020      8 comments

I realized I never posted anything from my Nov. 19th appointment with the new cardiologist. She wants to do the ablation, but I'm not sure. She gave me a few options from "do nothing and see if it happens again" to "immediately schedule an abl... Read more
Update PSVT
Sunday, October 27, 2019      12 comments

I saw the cardiologist on Wednesday. He seemed competent and was very nice, his nurse was really great. Unfortunately he practices the wrong specialty of cardiology. I know my primary dr. was just trying to get me in with someone asap, but he... Read more
Stalled out and health issue
Saturday, October 19, 2019      9 comments

After a couple of really great weeks of exercise I stalled out. I had parent/teacher conferences one week, so there was time prepping for that and then after 2 late nights I was exhausted, and then out of town on the weekend. So then it was a ... Read more
Wild hair in my eye
Saturday, September 28, 2019      13 comments

I know that's not the real saying, but it's more PG friendly than the real thing. I decided this morning that I want to run a 5K. Or more accurately, I want to be able to run a 5K. I'm not a runner. I hate running. Even as a kid I hated... Read more
Refrigerator advice please
Saturday, July 13, 2019      13 comments

I got back in town from a family vacation yesterday. Last night when I opened my freezer for the first time I saw that all the ice in the bin was melted. I stuck thermometers in the fridge and freezer compartments, and sure enough - the fridge... Read more
Monthly mini - January
Friday, January 04, 2019      8 comments

So after some thought I decided that my mini-resolution for January is to eat every meal at the kitchen table instead of some meals in the living room. I know it's a better habit, I know it's healthier, I know it's the way "civilized" people ea... Read more
New year, new you?
Wednesday, January 02, 2019      8 comments

New year, new you. I kind of hate that saying. Sure it's a new year, but I'm still the same old me. The turning of a calendar page can feel like a fresh start, but it's not some miracle of change. I'm not suddenly going to love t... Read more

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