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Tuesday, October 29, 2013      3 comments

Well, I looked into the Macrobiotic program years ago and got good results, but I could not stay with it, since it is grain-based; and eventually I learned that my O blood-type requires very few grains. Finally, I got back to it, though, looki... Read more
Better Health
Wednesday, August 28, 2013      2 comments

I seem to have a lot of soft-tissue issues, as my body adjusts. A 1986, 15-Minute workout book that I got is really helping me isolate/find muscles that I am rarely conscious of--mostly in my arms and back and some in my shoulders. It is like ... Read more
more tendons and muscles finding their places
Thursday, July 11, 2013      4 comments

Over the past few months, I feel things moving--get muscle cramps cramps--get better feedback about my body position--can coordinate walking better, using all of my leg instead of mostly my ankles, which used to get sprained very easily and in b... Read more
Blood Pressure
Tuesday, June 18, 2013      2 comments

I have just found out that the symptoms I get when the air in this house makes my throat and bronchials irritated, are consistent with high blood pressure. Acute poisoning can create high blood pressure episodes. ... Read more
This toxic house
Tuesday, May 21, 2013      7 comments

This house puts me into the same symptoms that I had in a High School I attended two years--after re-zoning to a formerly Black-dominated High School. I realize now, the second time around with these problems but in a different setting, a lot a... Read more
losing fat
Friday, May 03, 2013      2 comments

I use the ideas of Sears, not his products so much. I add some toasted sesame oil to my diet--something I crave at times anyway, but have not taken those cravings seriously. Sears says this helps the GLA not turn rancid/toxic in the fat cells.... Read more
The AMA needs to have inservice training for MD's
Wednesday, April 03, 2013      3 comments

Toxic Fat, by Sears. A great book about why losing weight can make people quite ill--even destroy health in some ways, and how to avoid that.... Read more
Thursday, February 28, 2013      2 comments

Finally, a bill is in the Federal Congress that lets Congress make the decisions on what to cut spending on—Obama is threatening the population with cutting the things that the government needs to be responsible for! Why not cut ... Read more
Thanks for all of the tips on language learning
Wednesday, February 20, 2013      1 comments

Thanks, everyone, for all of the tips on language learning. I also am learning the language of my posture now. T-Tapp, from Teresa Tapp's book and the SparkPeople Team, have helped so much. I finally am finding the upper-back muscles that su... Read more
An old interest
Thursday, February 07, 2013      8 comments

I am still learning on 10 lessons of Mandarin Chinese. I got the CD's about two years ago and have not done a lot with them. Letting some time pass seems to have helped; I have retained a curiousity about the language, so am now getting into i... Read more
Tuesday, January 08, 2013      1 comments

On last night's--this morning's, Coast-to-Coast AM radio talk show, this guy explained why resveritrol helps so much, but is notgood in massive doses. It is a great anti-oxidant that allows our own stem cells to live long enough to rejuvenate t... Read more
Monday, January 07, 2013      3 comments

growthbusters.org : about more learning, loving, and laughing instead of seeking so much security through wealth.... Read more
Baby Boomers, again.
Monday, December 03, 2012      6 comments

Strange--I heard another "talking point politics" bash--another 2+2=$5,689! The common talk is about how baby boomers are now retiring--ending their contributions to the Federal pot and starting to remove money from it. OK, so the big spenders... Read more
Bad Mortgages
Thursday, October 25, 2012      3 comments

Well, Bank of America bought the bank that did a lot of bad home mortgages. So, now B of A is being sued for bad practices; the issueing bank they bought sold bad morgages to Fanny and Freddy. Well, isn't it "Buyer beware!" in second-han... Read more
Stupid HR 347 signed into law already.
Wednesday, October 03, 2012      6 comments

The bottom-line to this atrocity is that whenever a Secret Service Officer is present, known or unknown, any negative political expressions are liable to be prosecuted as a felony. What expressions? A sign? A scowl? A ... Read more

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