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What to do with a hungry day
Sunday, March 25, 2012      9 comments

Every once in a while, no matter what you do, you just have a hungry day. The usual suspects don't seem to be the cause - nor do the usual suspects fill you up. Yesterday was that kind of day for me In my case, I knew this particular one w... Read more
A battle royale
Friday, March 23, 2012      4 comments

Am I the only that does this? Normally I plan out my meals the day before. Nothing is ever written in stone, tho, and I often change my mind - sometimes multiple times - but having a plan gives me a good guideline. So I had my plan las... Read more
Flaming fuschia & Target finds
Thursday, March 22, 2012      6 comments

Since I couldn't get in yesterday to edit my blog, I just figured I'd start a new one today. Turns out there are enough photos to justify it. These are the fuschia jeans. You can see the muffin top fairly clearly. ... Read more
Tangerine dreams (lots of photos!)
Wednesday, March 21, 2012      9 comments

Been a while since I did a photo shoot. So, I got it into my head that I needed some of those brightly colored jeans. And I searched high & low: Target H&M Old Navy Gap Marshalls I ended up with this pair from H&M. Imagine my d... Read more
Are you hypersensitive?
Tuesday, March 20, 2012      5 comments

Most of us don't really get here because we eat too much (altho obviously we do). We get here because we put ourselves at the bottom of our to-do list. I think back to myself slowly gaining those 30 lbs . . . As my weight & pants ballooned ... Read more
Race report: Runnin of Green Island
Saturday, March 17, 2012      8 comments

I don't know why I like this race so much. Maybe because for the second time in a row, it's my fastet race. It's really not scenic at all, except for a little bit at the end. Of course the fact that there's a bathroom at tbe start doesn't hurt! ... Read more
Can't is a dirty word
Friday, March 16, 2012      6 comments

There is no can't. There are only excuses. And yup, I have sure used them over the years. I can't run, because I have to walk the dogs first & it all takes too much time. You know what? You make time for the things you want to do. Going on ... Read more
Transitioning is hard
Wednesday, March 14, 2012      7 comments

We are in that transitional winter to spring phase right now. The mornings are still pretty cool, so you might need a sweater, but it can get quite warm during the day. And the temps swing quite a bit from one day to the next. Knowing what to we... Read more
Reigning in portions
Tuesday, March 13, 2012      6 comments

I have, over the years, learned what some of my problem areas are. Knowledge may be power, but not if you don't DO something about it. I love healthy foods, but most meals (even breakfast) just don't seem complete without a sweet. I have a ... Read more
So many HMs, so little time!
Monday, March 12, 2012      5 comments

I am torn. I've ben leaning torwards the inaugural RnR Montreal HM for a while. I found out this weekend that a running buddy is already signed up for it. But she's from Montreal, has friends & family there, so I'm realistic about how much time ... Read more
If I can just do this next week . . .
Saturday, March 10, 2012      6 comments

We had our running club FRUN day (fun run, get it?). Basically they try to ge everyone to do a run on the same day, so there's like 20 different runs posted that day. I joined a group doing 3 miles & had planned on doing a second loop to br... Read more
Stop the roller coaster!
Friday, March 09, 2012      4 comments

I'm not even talking about the scale, altho indirectly I suppose I am. Does your week go like this? Thurs: WI Fri: loosen up & eat a little more thsn usual Sat: still loosened + dinner out - usually a long run, too Sun: ... Read more
There's always a trade-off
Wednesday, March 07, 2012      7 comments

It's been so nice to watch the sunrise this week (inside my nice warm house, of course). I will love the lighter evenings next week, but I will not enjoy staring out into the black mornings again. There's a trade-off with a healthy lifestyl... Read more
Sometimes running's a cop-out
Tuesday, March 06, 2012      10 comments

Oy, the sacrilege! But I think that can be true. Oddly enough, now running seems "easy" in some ways. Get dressed, maybe stretch a bit & you're off! And then there are the endorphins waiting for you at the end - no matter how badly your run went... Read more
This is (part of) what's wrong with America
Sunday, March 04, 2012      7 comments

We went out to eat for my belated-birthday dinner last night. Ok, maybe it's like my third birthday dinner, but who's counting? I get a $10 off coupon to my fav Italian restaurant for my birthday. I was thinking about the gnocchi appetizer ... Read more

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