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Hey, you forgot the avocado on my burrito...
Friday, September 09, 2011      8 comments

I just reached my weight loss goal. Wahoooooooo......... right? I dunno. I'm feeling a bit...like someone forgot the avocado in my lunch order, and I just opened the container at home to that cruel reality. Doh! I feel a lot better physic... Read more
Do You Really Have Time To Dawdle?
Saturday, September 03, 2011      8 comments

Will you continue to blow off your workout until 'tomorrow' - over and over? Let's talk about your food. Are you making healthy changes in your life, and more importantly, in your refrigerator? Do the contents of your pantry have an expirati... Read more
Adult Summer Camp Anyone?
Monday, August 29, 2011      11 comments

Do you remember summer camp as a child? And even better, do you remember how you related to food and exercise at that time of your life? It was probably the same memory I had: no stress or second thought about any of it - what - so - e -ver. ... Read more
My Toolbox Has No Tools In It
Friday, August 26, 2011      6 comments

First of all, it's got a padlock on it, to which I do not have the key (my husband does). Do you need a screw driver? Sorry, you're out of luck. It's not filled with craftsman tools or an old hammer passed down from generation to generation... Read more
I Am Not A Remote Control...
Wednesday, August 24, 2011      10 comments

Yesterday was a long day at the pain management building of the hospital. Various parts of my body had been grinding away at me with pain, numbness and 'buzzing' for the last week. My entire left foot, one of the toes on my right foot, and... Read more
Uses for Peanut Butter
Sunday, August 21, 2011      9 comments

I started to research ideas on how to use up a jar of peanut butter after my husband got his quarterly peanut butter and jelly fix. See, I didn't care if he would need to buy a new jar every time the next craving hit him. The $4.00 jar was no... Read more
Will I Be Called the Sick Auntie Forever?
Monday, August 15, 2011      11 comments

My husband's sister called last week and said that they would be driving through our area after visiting family out of state. They wanted to come over and visit. My husband has 2 sisters. Each with 3 children. This particular one has 3 sons rang... Read more
Wednesday, August 10, 2011      6 comments

If a friend asked you to post a photo of yourself, would you be able to pick one immediately? Let me be more direct: If your weight has gone up and down like a roller coaster, which 'you' would you want to have them view??? The 'you' that you ... Read more
Dean Martin & The Peanut Butter Lullaby
Monday, August 08, 2011      6 comments

This is the story about the infamous peanut butter jar. The packaging is always easy to recognize since it tends to come in 2 types: heavy rounded glass or a plastic tub of equal size. For PB addicts like me, it's a shape I tend to zero in on, i... Read more
Looked In The Mirror Today
Wednesday, August 03, 2011      7 comments

I think it's been about 8 months since I really took a good look in the mirror, or at least looked South of my face when applying make-up anyway. I had been so down and depressed about the weight I had gained, the pain I was in emotionally and t... Read more
One Less Roll! Am I on a roll?!?
Saturday, July 30, 2011      5 comments

Was it the one less California Roll? Perhaps the lack of sushi rolls lately?? Pretend I am a news anchor about to break some rather graphic news. Be sure that your children are away from your computer screen before reading further. And my ap... Read more
Until Home Shopping Sells Arms and Legs...
Tuesday, July 26, 2011      4 comments

I guess I will need to put up with the misbehaving ones I currently own. I have a rare disease (Erythromelalgia) amongst other things that attack my body daily. But this one, we'll call it EM for short, is my 'monster'. It's both neuromuscula... Read more
Fell off the Tootsie Roll Sugar Wagon...
Sunday, July 24, 2011      4 comments

And I have the 'bruises' to prove it: *Bulging belly, grumbling out curse words in it's own language. If only Rosetta Stone had a CD for that one... *Puffy eyelids that refuse to react to the anti-puff eye cream I slathered on them. It's no... Read more
My Upper Arms Wave Back At Me...
Monday, July 18, 2011      7 comments

I was hoping that they would wave goodbye to me at some point. I mean, I am starting to lose some of the weight I gained. My jeans are loose and actually button with breathing room. My shirts don't look like they need bungee cords to keep the bu... Read more
I Survived The Candy Aisle At Walgreens!
Saturday, July 16, 2011      8 comments

I need a gold medal! And not one filled with caramel! Is this even possible? Did someone take over my body? Even the boot that I had been sentenced to for 3 months knew how to do the 'Walgreens waddle' on down that aisle - too many times in... Read more

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