Relationship With Food
Wednesday, February 17, 2016      2 comments

It's funny that my blog question from Spark Coach for today is about eating habits. After a particularly rough evening, I caught myself thinking "I could really use some chocolate right now..." I've never thought of myself as an emotional eater,... Read more
Trying Again.. For the last time!!
Sunday, March 30, 2014      6 comments

Over the past 2 years, I've struggled with finding the time to workout and be healthy. I've fallen back into very bad habits, including not working out or eating right. As a result, I've gained back every bit of the 46 pounds I previously lost. ... Read more
Disgusted but Determined
Sunday, August 11, 2013      5 comments

It's been a long time since I've taken the time to really focus on myself and boy does it show. I did the one thing I kept telling myself I wouldn't do: I gave up. I let the scale dominate my life rather than being just another measurement. In t... Read more
Rekindling the Weight Loss Fire
Wednesday, January 02, 2013      1 comments

The year has come and gone and I've successfully lost some weight. Unfortunately I'm not where I wanted to be. I've gained back a little bit of the weight I had lost and I'm a little bit discouraged, but I'm not broken. I am tracking my food aga... Read more
Whoa Buddy!
Thursday, October 25, 2012      2 comments

Well it's been an insane few months for me. The end of July started a whirlwind of activity and there has been no signs of it letting up since. I started a new job in July, school and cub scouts started again for both my son and I in August, I s... Read more
Summer Life & Me
Thursday, July 12, 2012      1 comments

Well, since summer has started, life has been a whole lot of crazy. My son and I have been constantly on the go with very little down time. I started my summer class schedule and am attempting to keep up with decent grades while going non-stop. ... Read more
Doubts Creeping
Monday, May 28, 2012      2 comments

Everyone of you know that I've been suffering through a plateau for about a month now. Over the weeks I've become more and more discouraged with my weight loss journey and doubts have started creeping in. Am I, like many in my family, destined t... Read more
The Scale Wins Again
Monday, May 21, 2012      4 comments

I think my scale has declared war on me. I know it sounds crazy... an inadament object declaring war, but my scale is a little evil. I think it's in cahoots with my body. So yesterday was my official weigh in day and since I've been fighting a p... Read more
Hit to the Self Image
Thursday, May 17, 2012      7 comments

This plateau has really hit me right where it counts. I was enjoying a steady downward flow with my weight loss and my confidence and self image were headed upwards. All of a sudden, they're taking a hit as I struggle with trying to figure out w... Read more
Another Nia Post
Monday, May 14, 2012      3 comments

I found some more Nia videos for those who are interested. I think my favorite is the first one because it truly shows that it's not just for people who are super fit.
Gjr5LCMu57Y&feature=related ... Read more
Ugh, Job Searching
Wednesday, May 09, 2012      1 comments

So I'm job searching again. I'm not trying to leave McDonald's because of any negative experiences or anything like that. They've actually been pretty good to me. However.... the hours I'm getting lately, even with my requested time off, is bare... Read more
Who is that Curvy Girl in the Mirror?
Friday, May 04, 2012      7 comments

So going to my Nia classes has exposed me to many more full length mirrors than I've ever had the displeasure of being acquainted with. At first, I worked hard to make sure I was behind someone else the entire time because I just couldn't stand ... Read more
The Nia Technique with Video
Wednesday, May 02, 2012      3 comments

Here's a video about the Nia technique I've been talking about. I love it! When my class is over and we're cooling down and relaxing, I can always feel my body buzzing with energy. It is so amazing. Note: I tried to embed the video, but SP would... Read more
My Weight Loss Journey Video (video blog)
Wednesday, April 25, 2012      5 comments

I had to do a video for my Educational Technology class and this is what I came up with. What do you think?... Read more
I Broke Down....
Wednesday, April 25, 2012      10 comments

....and bought new pants today! Hahaha you thought it was bad! ;) I've been having to pull up my pants practically every time I move at work lately and today I finally realized why. My pants were two sizes too big!! I bought size 24 pants at the... Read more

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