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Healthy Cooking Challenge
Sunday, February 13, 2011      1 comments

I just joined the Official Healthy Cooking Challenge. I think it will help me branch out more with my food choices and find some new favorites. One of the tasks for the first week was to clean and organize your kitchen. Well yesterday I did t... Read more
Making recipes healthier
Saturday, January 22, 2011      1 comments

So I'm not the greatest cook, but I do love food, and do love baking (especially cookies!). I love my favorite foods from growing up, but they're not always so healthy or low-cal. So I've been testing out making healthier versions of these rec... Read more
Today I'm thankful for...
Friday, January 21, 2011      0 comments

Electricity! I woke up to no electricity and didn't have any power until 6 hours later. We forget about how amazing electricity is and all it can help us do until it's gone! I think my turtle, fish, and snails are thankful for the electricit... Read more
Today I am grateful for...
Friday, January 14, 2011      1 comments

Got this idea from this blog:
_with_this_2minute_exercise I am trying to become an optimist after years of being pessimistic. I try to find the positives, but some day... Read more
28-Day Bootcamp Challenge - Day 7
Tuesday, January 11, 2011      0 comments

I can be quoted any day to say, "I hate exercise!" The only thing I like to do that's cardio (that's G rated, haha) is dancing. My back has sucked for years and now I have neck/shoulder injuries. Adds more to my lack of desire for exercising.... Read more
Food Adventure Blog #2
Sunday, January 09, 2011      1 comments

Today's new food is spelt pasta. Spelt is another kind of wheat, just like the einkorn was. Some facts about spelt: -another of the ancient wheats (5000 BC) only preceded by emmer and einkorn -contains about 58% carbohydrates, 9% fiber,... Read more
Food Adventure Blog #1
Friday, January 07, 2011      1 comments

I love pasta (like you don't even know how much)! So I thought it would be a good idea to try some different kinds of pasta. I already enjoy whole grain pasta and don't miss white pasta at all. I love that nutty flavor of the wheat pasta. I ... Read more
The Spark Chapter 2 - Values & Goals
Friday, January 07, 2011      0 comments

So I'm trying to explore what my values are and what goals I have for myself. Honesty: I value honesty in myself and others. Honesty means more than just be truthful. It means not "playing" people or pretending you are someone you are not... Read more
Beware: Negativity! :P
Thursday, January 06, 2011      0 comments

To quote the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. The way I'm feeling right now, it appears I have true wisdom but not intelligence! LOL Now that I have some free time and not the h... Read more
New Year's Resolution
Monday, January 03, 2011      4 comments

So my 2011 did not start out well at all. But I'm ready to turn that around. My New Year's resolution this year is to try a new food, or try a food I have never liked in a different way, each week. I already started this a little before the n... Read more
Everything happens for a reason
Monday, December 20, 2010      1 comments

As part of my stress busting challenge, I'm trying to become more optimistic. Something I've been trying to do for ages but had given up on ever achieving. However I think I can do it now if I can really look for that silver lining. The "ever... Read more
Less-Sugar Bandwagon
Sunday, December 19, 2010      0 comments

I was just reading a blog about getting on the less added sugar bandwagon, feeling great and more focused, and then falling back off again. And how hard it is to get back on the bandwagon. Now I will fully admit that I do not have a sweet toot... Read more
Is Weight Loss Stressing Me Out?
Saturday, December 11, 2010      0 comments

1. I have taken a careful look at my eating and exercise habits, and I have a good idea of what I need to change and how I want to do it. I know what I want to change in my eating habits. I want to eat healthier food instead of food I thin... Read more
High Stress Personality Characteristics
Sunday, December 05, 2010      0 comments

So I'm reading this article (again) and it's really hitting me that I do have control over the stress in my life and it is really me that is the problem, not everything else! 1. Over-planning each day. Do you feel the need to stick to a ... Read more
Letting go of the stress
Sunday, December 05, 2010      1 comments

So I'm finding out that several of my medical problems may be caused by stress. I think that's so amazing that stress (that everyone feels at least time to time) can actually cause damage to your body. I'm working on ways to reduce my stress, ... Read more

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