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Bit of a tough week, I hope I'll come out on top
Sunday, August 16, 2015      10 comments

It's been a though week, with a lot of disappointment and setbacks. I decided to take a step back from Sparkpeople because I had to focus on other t... Read more
Chocolate fish anyone?
Tuesday, August 11, 2015      4 comments

I was making my lunch, waiting for the fish to thaw I made the egg mixture and the breading. Once I'd finished that the fish still had a bit of time to go, and since I had just been to the store I decided to transfer my cocoa powder to it's desi... Read more
Tame your sweet tooth challenge week 2 update
Sunday, August 09, 2015      0 comments

I'm almost finished with week 2 of the "TYST" challenge so I thought I'd write an update. This week hasn't been as overwhelmingly strict as last week was. I haven't had any sweets but I couldn't manage to go without bread for the entire we... Read more
I'm not on a diet, I eat according to my goals
Saturday, August 08, 2015      4 comments

I've seen the word diet being thrown around quite a lot in the forums and in the chat. I've most certainly been guilty of using it way too much in the past as well. I threw a question on the chat board, asking "what is the strangest diet that y... Read more
The unexplained sadness
Thursday, August 06, 2015      7 comments

Today has been disastrous and a victorious all at once. I'm eternally grateful that I decided to give up bread for the week, otherwise I would have buried my face in it right about now. My sugar withdrawal is starting to set in badly at the same... Read more
Holy calorie bomb!!
Wednesday, August 05, 2015      9 comments

Today I decided to make hummus. A delicious utterly amazing, protein rich nutritious treat. emoticon At l... Read more
Tame your sweet tooth challenge week 2 and evaluation week 1
Tuesday, August 04, 2015      2 comments

Here we are, somewhere in the beginning of week 2. Week 1 went great!!! First sugar craving was this morning, staved by my homemade nutella (It has hazelnuts, dates, unsweetened cocoa powder and water in it so it's a healthy alternative). I ha... Read more
Tough morning, better afternoon
Tuesday, August 04, 2015      3 comments

I had somewhat of a rough morning today, going between very happy to incredibly sad within minutes. The cravings followed the mood of course, so I had a great big helping of homemade nutella, thank goodness for that stuff!! It put me back on tra... Read more
First week!
Monday, August 03, 2015      2 comments

Ok, so today I'm actually on the last day of my first week! I haven't felt hungry, I haven't felt deprived and I've had no major sugar cravings. ... Read more
The dream of an active life
Sunday, August 02, 2015      1 comments

I've always dreamed about having an active life. To be the one who does things on the fly, and challenges herself physically. I want to go hiking, swimming, cycling, boxing, martial arts, crosstraining, running, ice-skating, dancing, riding (I'm... Read more
Doubt day
Saturday, August 01, 2015      4 comments

Ok, so I'm a little worried that things are going too well? I'm not sure if this makes sense. I have been focusing mainly on changing my way of eating this week. Last time I tried to cut down on sugar I got mad sugar cravings and couldn't think ... Read more
Tame your sweet tooth challenge week 1 *Share your thoughts*
Friday, July 31, 2015      2 comments

I decided to take part in the "Tame your sweet tooth challenge" here on Sparkpeople. And there are some things that I need to do this week so I thought I'd post them here. Feel free to ask about them later and hold me accountable. I will try to ... Read more
A journey of a thousand miles...
Wednesday, July 29, 2015      2 comments

...begins with a single step. This Proverb by Lau Tzu may be worn out and used every time someone faces adversity, but it still feels true if you really think about it. A lot of people are alone on their journeys, but everybody on here has the a... Read more
Me and my body
Tuesday, July 28, 2015      1 comments

Have you ever had a frenemy? Someone who you are constantly at odds with but you are somehow still in each others lives. Sometimes it feels like your frenemy does nothing but trying to make your life difficult, making sure that you will never re... Read more