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Head Games and The Beck Diet
Sunday, December 07, 2014      11 comments

Weekends have always been difficult for me in the whole weight loss thing. First, its difficult to "watch what I eat" I used to think it wasn't important and that delayed my weight loss. Then I thought "I need a break"- stinkin thinkin. Then ... Read more
The Beck Diet Day 21- Get Ready to Weigh In
Sunday, November 30, 2014      3 comments

About a week has gone by since I last blogged. That is about all I can manage with my schedule and other factors in my life right now. Today on The Beck Diet Solution is Day 21, Get Ready to Weigh In. In the past, this would have sent shiver... Read more
Did I really think the scale was going to move and Beck Diet Day 14
Sunday, November 23, 2014      4 comments

Did I really think the scale was going to move? Yes, why yes I did. I must admit when I stepped on it this morning Iexpected it to be a few lbs. down. Now, it didn't move much, but it went in the wrong direct and let me tell you from this scale ... Read more
The Beck Diet Day 6- Choose a Diet Coach
Sunday, November 16, 2014      4 comments

Because I am an extremely independent person, this has been a hard one for me to wrap my head around. I am simply at a loss. I asked my husband to be my Diet Coach and he agreed but said, Can we be accountability partners? I was a little blown... Read more
The Beck Diet Day 3
Wednesday, November 12, 2014      5 comments

So today I read the Day 3 strategy. Don't eat while standing up. At first I thought, I don't eat while standing up and then it dawned on me when i started to read the items 1. Do you eat the samples at the grocery store? 2. Do you sample ... Read more
Starting The Beck Diet Solution
Tuesday, November 11, 2014      9 comments

I am going to do it. I am taking the plunge. I have been persuaded. I have read the first 50 pages and am ready to do my advantage cards. I am so hopeful this program will help me get back on track and get back to my goal weight. I am re-eva... Read more
Positive Self Talk
Tuesday, November 04, 2014      6 comments

So I was reading WATERMELLEN's blogs about the Beck Diet and I think I am going to give reading it a try. Can't hurt, right? However, one thing that I have been trying ( that I am usually really bad at) is positive self talk. With the event... Read more
A Potential Lifesaving Procedure Everyone Should have done!
Saturday, October 25, 2014      4 comments

This year I turned 50. Everyone knows when you turn 50 you need to get a colonoscopy! Done- the prep was not so pleasant but the procedure itself was painless! And the best part is that I now know that it was well worth it! I had two polyps remo... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts The Perils and Tribulations of Maintaining a 70 lbs Weight Loss Over Time
Sunday, October 12, 2014      41 comments

Good Morning Spark Friends, It is good to be back at blogging after a long hiatus. I need to say that due to extreme stress at work and being completely bogged down with other responsibilities, I haven't even thought of blogging, until today.... Read more
Dear fitbit friends
Friday, June 20, 2014      4 comments

My dearest fitbit friends, my fitbit didn't have a charge for several days to the fact I lost my charger. Argh! I looked and looked to no avail. I ended up purchasing a new one off of amazon, gotta love free two day shipping! Anyway, this r... Read more
4 Days of tracking, no scale movement
Saturday, May 03, 2014      6 comments

Wow, I haven't blogged in a long time. Bad me! Okay, so after watching the scale creep up to the highest I have seem it in 5 years, I am not happy. The number that always depresses me is 166. I have been struggling with this for about 2.5 ye... Read more
Happy Hormones Slim Belly by Jorge Cruise
Saturday, March 01, 2014      5 comments

This blog will be a quick overview of the book with some personal comments. So first off, I was very intrigued by the title of this book. If you are not familiar with Jorge, he is the Belly Fat Cure dude and totes a low sugar approach to weig... Read more
What makes me mad
Wednesday, January 22, 2014      14 comments

Do you want to know what makes me mad? My companies LiveWell program! I work for a healthcare organization, one of the countries best. They have this incentive program to Live Well, but they have it all wrong. For the past three years, whe... Read more
Starting the New Year off right! How? By tracking!
Wednesday, January 01, 2014      6 comments

So this particular week is usually a very challenging week for me with all of the Christmas goodies hanging around. In the past, I have put on a good 5 lbs even with the best of intentions. So far, I have stayed the course. I was on a downward t... Read more
A First Time for Everything
Wednesday, December 11, 2013      11 comments

The other day my gym got a new stair machine. I have never tried that before so in an attempt to mix things up, I gave it a whirl. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone trying to get in a good cardio workout. I worked really hard, I was sweating... Read more

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