Back To School Blog
Thursday, August 15, 2013      10 comments

I'm not saying that both my kids are doing the Happy Dance because they are back in school,but I do believe my son(the 5th grader) is enjoying things much more than hi... Read more
Wont know what the future holds.........
Monday, July 29, 2013      19 comments

Found out this morning that the company I work for is being sold to a Canadian company...I've been at this job for 16 years.....I'm a little worried... Read more
We are a HAPPY FAMILY..our kitchen is STOCKED
Sunday, July 28, 2013      16 comments

We have actually struggled with out diets for the past two weeks due to our low income(temporary,of course). I've been really worried about what we were eating because ... Read more
OooooH My BACK!!!!
Saturday, July 27, 2013      17 comments

My back has been very mean to me for the past few days. I can do strenuous activity such as lifting,etc,but slight movements like taking a deep breath or reaching for something can make me freeze in pain....wierd huh? ... Read more
School's A Comin.....and I'm not ready
Wednesday, July 24, 2013      9 comments

My kids will begin school in a few weeks...and I am totally unprepared. I had planned to have my daughter evaluated for ADD by the time summer break ended and I have'nt even started due to financial reasons. She had struggled through her 5th gr... Read more
It's Not Just About Me Anymore-It's About My Boy
Sunday, July 14, 2013      23 comments

My son is 10 years old with the most precious smile. He is as tall as I am (4'11 ...not saying much)....... ..and he weighs 130 lbs OH MY GOSH ... Read more
Advice Please....Is it better to rent or buy???
Saturday, July 13, 2013      20 comments

Our family has been renting for a number of years now so we can get our financial affairs in order . We will be looking for a new place soon because our son and daughter ... Read more
Thursday, July 04, 2013      29 comments

We have paid off our vehicle after 7 years (of what was SUPPOSED to be a 6 year loan). We have paid off other vehicles in the past with no problems. No past due issues... Read more
Pain Today,Gotta Keep Going
Sunday, June 30, 2013      9 comments

Woke with a terrible migraine this morning.Sometimes for me,coffe does work.But it didnt this time. emoticon I kn... Read more
Bad Habits All Around
Friday, June 21, 2013      6 comments

Naps as soon as I get off work 5 ice cream cones in one day 3 hour naps on weekend days taking medications for aniety and depression......that are'nt working ver... Read more

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