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Look'n like Christmas
Saturday, November 15, 2014      8 comments

Looking a lot like Christmas out there. We are getting a nice gentle snow fall. Looks like a Christmas card, and it is a little warmer this morning, it's 25 and no wind, but no sun. I forgot to tell you that the Thurs. I had to take a pie... Read more
Friday, November 14, 2014      5 comments

Baby, it's really COLD outside this morning, only 2* when I did chores this morning. I hope it starts to warm a little bit, and not continue to go down. Just to early for these temps. Even Merlin came in the house for awhile after chores, bu... Read more
Scardy kitten/Merlin's bedmate
Thursday, November 13, 2014      5 comments

Good morning everyone, it's a cold one here again, and it probably will continue for the next few months. Our ground is still mostly white, and like most of the county, it is going to stay that way for awhile. Merlin continues to spend mo... Read more
Baby, it's cold outside/waters
Wednesday, November 12, 2014      6 comments

Mercy. Mercy, Mercy, baby it's cold outside. Was only 8 when I went out to do chores this morning, thank goodness, the wind was not blowing 90 mph. It actually felt warmer than yesterday morning, when it was warmer but the wind was really blow... Read more
Terrible Tuesday
Tuesday, November 11, 2014      7 comments

Well, it did it, it snowed last night, not as much as some places but most of the ground is white, but can still see blades of grass through it. But is it ever cold. Down to 18 this morning. At least this little bit of snow I didn't have to s... Read more
Dreary Monday
Monday, November 10, 2014      6 comments

Monday again, boy they seem to roll around quite fast here lately. It is pretty dreary here, so sun, but at least no wind either. Got some of hubby's sweatshirt hung out side but really don't know if they will completely dry, it's damp out the... Read more
Sunday/quite day
Sunday, November 09, 2014      6 comments

Good Sunday morning, and being it is Sun. this will be short. Sorry I haven't been able to locate the other pictures of Duke and Merlin, they are in here somewhere I am sure, it's just playing a nasty trick on me. About the time I think I have... Read more
Picture 11-8
Saturday, November 08, 2014      8 comments

Good morning, I am going to try something to see if I did this right. I took some pix of Merlin and Duke and now I have to see if I can find where they are. This is not the o... Read more
Mother again/Merlin cheating.
Friday, November 07, 2014      6 comments

Good morning to you all, Not a bad one here, in the low 40,, overcast and windy. I mean really windy. our Sat. TV reception on our local channels is non-existent, so that means that the weather is changing. We are suppose to get snow the begi... Read more
Yesterday was like the Keystone Kops
Thursday, November 06, 2014      8 comments

Good morning, nice and bright here just a little cool, only 40 and breezy. So it feels colder than 40. Boy, did yesterday turn into a zoo around here and Merlin right in the middle of it. It all started with the sheep. We went down and... Read more
Sheep moving 101
Wednesday, November 05, 2014      8 comments

Well, here we are again. Busy already this morning, have to get our other half of our sheep home today. We leave half of them here at home to keep the grove and the old cattle lots clear of weeds and the other half go a mile away and do the sa... Read more
Tuesday Chit Chat
Tuesday, November 04, 2014      5 comments

God, just wrote my blog and was ready to post it and it disappeared. And it was a great one too. So mad, why does that do that. It just disappears. Now to try and rewrite it, know it will not be as good, never is the second time. Well,... Read more
Question #1/Merlin moments
Monday, November 03, 2014      3 comments

Well, here it is Mon, again. But this is a special Monday. It's the last day before we go to the polls and try to vote for someone in the govr. that will actually do something. And all those ads will become a thing of the pass, my what shall ... Read more
Sunday morning/11-2/
Sunday, November 02, 2014      3 comments

HARVEST IS DONE... ... Read more
Saturday Morning Post
Saturday, November 01, 2014      4 comments

Good Sat. Morning. Boy, a cool one here. Got up to 22 degrees this morning, and a lite breeze, so doing chores was a little brisk. And of course, this morning would be the morning that to oat barrel for the horses was empty, so had to take a ... Read more

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