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Wonderful Wednesday, NOT
Wednesday, December 04, 2019      10 comments

Today hubby and I had to go to town and get pet food, so that meant Wally-World. E-Gads do I hate that place. I hope I got enough so that it is at least after Christmas before I have to go back. There is carts and people waiting in line clear... Read more
Telephone Tuesday, ERRRRRRRRR
Tuesday, December 03, 2019      18 comments

Yes, I got the first call at 7:45 informing me that my computer something is expiring today, and I need to pay $299,95 by the end of the day or I won't be covered, for what I have no idea. Anyway I told them to "Get Lost", and over the next 20... Read more
Monday, Monday
Monday, December 02, 2019      9 comments

Monday, Monday where did the time go, I know it has been a few days since I have been here, but it has been crazy here, and every quite moment was spent just relaxing. With S2 and wife here, and their 2 dogs, Merlin, Finn, Shorty and Kinn... Read more
Thursday afternoon
Friday, November 29, 2019      10 comments

Good afternoon, just kicking back this afternoon, May make a couple more Christmas Cards, but nothing planned. Granddog sitting right now, as Terry and Sheryl are attend a Chili Cook Off thingamajig that her Brother is in, and she says she wil... Read more
Wednesday Afternoon.
Wednesday, November 27, 2019      12 comments

Yes, we ended up with about 7 inches of snow, and yes hubby got stuck in drive way, but he got the old van pulled our by himself, and instead of scoopin... Read more
It's started.
Tuesday, November 26, 2019      15 comments

Yep, as an hour ago we are official living in a Snow Globe. Let's get buckled down for the rest of the day. Love a good blizzard. ... Read more
Monday, Monday
Monday, November 25, 2019      14 comments

Monday, Monday what will you be bringing, Weigh in day, and I am singing. The watching Carbs and the walking more Has made a score. Yes, I am down 4 pounds this week. The extra walking and the carb. watching has paid off. But that... Read more
Book Search
Sunday, November 24, 2019      15 comments

Good Sunday Morning everyone. Hope you are having a great morning, and don't forget to schedule some Me time today. I see I am going to have a hard time writting this as, Kinney is laying on my rt. arm and wanting attention. She is tel... Read more
Saturday, and drowsy.
Saturday, November 23, 2019      12 comments

MISSIONS for today 1. Exercise. get in my walk 2. Nutrientional. No added sugar, that means on Ice Cream 3. Do more book work for the year. 4. Take a little ME time, 5. Pick up kitchen and laundry rooms. Last night was not a g... Read more
Fabulous Friday.
Friday, November 22, 2019      14 comments

Well, here it is another week end sneaking up on us. We have nothing planned, but that is usually the case. We are really very boring people, and I kind of enjoy it. I am totally okay with my own company and hubby's, of course. This mo... Read more
Banks and Omelets. hahaha
Thursday, November 21, 2019      11 comments

Well, here it is another Thursday, my least favorite day of the week, but today was a very good day. Today that old Bank that caused us a lot of stress and money the last year plus, is HISTORY, all the accounts are now closed and not only are w... Read more
Wednesday Afternoon.
Wednesday, November 20, 2019      10 comments

Well, the trip this morning to the neurologist went great, no problems, just have to watch where you were going on the Interstate thru Sioux City due to construction, which seems like in the last 6 months they haven't accomplished much, been all... Read more
Tuesday, and in a turmoil
Tuesday, November 19, 2019      12 comments

Nice sunny, calm day here for a change. And I really need to get out and enjoy it, but I am turmoil. Me, myself, and I are going to have a serious meeting about my weight and health, as it has really went down hill. You know awhile back I wei... Read more
Monday, Monday
Monday, November 18, 2019      9 comments

Monday, Monday what do you see, In the near future for me. Hoping it's good active health, And maybe just a little wealth. Although money has never been important to me, But just enough to get by you see. Sort of the blah day he... Read more
Sunday, hoping you are enjoying some ME time.
Sunday, November 17, 2019      11 comments

Sunday, and I don't see me doing to much today. Woke back up after an hour of sleep and couldn't back to sleep so just got up. And I totally disturbed ... Read more

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