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Here we go again!
Monday, March 10, 2014      5 comments

Okay, I'm starting all over AGAIN! This time I have joined an exercise program with a trainer. It will only last for 8 weeks so I've REALLY got to focus and stay focused. The class is 3 nights a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). The t... Read more
Friday, August 23, 2013      1 comments

I'm starting to think this is hopeless. I'm trying to eat healthier BUT I stay hungry all the time. Even when I eat a big meal, 30 minutes later I'm hungry. Today at lunch I had a piece of sirloin steak, carrots and an apple 25 minutes ... Read more
Day 2
Tuesday, August 20, 2013      0 comments

Okay, not doing as well as I should/could be doing but doing better. Baby steps. Try a little harder tomorrow.... Read more
Square 1
Monday, August 19, 2013      3 comments

I am back at square 1. This sucks. I'm so tired of losing and gaining, losing and gaining. I have no one to blame but myself. Mad at myself and that just makes things worse because I then use that as an excuse to eat more..... ... Read more
Getting Back on Track!
Monday, January 09, 2012      1 comments

Okay, so I didn't do so well through the Holidays. Not beating myself up over it. I'm getting back on track. I did go to the gym at least once a week during the holidays but my eating, ugh! Didn't do so well. I only lost 3 pounds from Than... Read more
Tuesday, November 15, 2011      2 comments

Well the scale is moving down - slowly but at least it is moving! emoticon I haven't done as good as I should ha... Read more
Good News?
Wednesday, October 12, 2011      3 comments

I had an appointment yesterday with a cardiologist to try and find out what is causing me to have chest tightness. I really didn't believe that it was my heart but I'm not a doctor! Well, the cardiologist doesn't think it is my heart either. ... Read more
Making Progress
Friday, October 07, 2011      2 comments

Went to the gym for the first time in ages Wednesday night. It hurts to even breath! LOL Guess that is a good thing. It means that I was doing something right. I will going back tonight. Not looking forward to this. My daughter is h... Read more
Ready to get fit!
Wednesday, October 05, 2011      0 comments

Okay, I have tried several times to lose weight and get in shape and have failed every time. Well, this time I'm scared. About 2 weeks ago I went to the doctor because of hot flashes and heart palpitations. My blood pressure has ALWAYS... Read more
Fall is in the Air
Saturday, September 15, 2007      1 comments

Summer is almost over and fall is upon us. Thank goodness. I love summer but fall and spring are my favorite seasons (other than allergies!!). Besides that, I've really gotten slack over the summer with my eating. My biggest problem in... Read more
Giving Up!
Saturday, July 21, 2007      2 comments

I'm so disgusted with myself. I'm to the point that I'm ready to give up (again). It seems that everytime I try to lose weight, I do really well in the beginning and then something happens to through me off track. This time it has been my dep... Read more
Back to the Doctor
Saturday, July 07, 2007      0 comments

I had to go back to the doctor yesterday. He doubled my depression meds. He also put me on prednisone for the next week because I have developed a severe itch (all over) and am having some other allergy problems. I have to take it for a week.... Read more
Numbers Are Down!
Friday, June 01, 2007      0 comments

I had to go to the doctor Friday to let them draw blood to check my cholesterol and triglycerides. They were down. Woo Hoo!!!! He had said that if they weren't down this time, he was going to put me on meds to bring them down. My numbers are... Read more
He's Here
Monday, May 07, 2007      0 comments

My grandson was born Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 10:41 pm. He was 8 pounds 8 ounces and 22-1/2 inches long. Big boy. Mother and baby are fine. I will try to post pictures tomorrow. ... Read more
Saturday, April 28, 2007      2 comments

Happy Saturday to me!!!! I got up this morning feeling really good. I came home last night after working 12 hours and did 15 minutes on my elliptical and then baked a cake for work today. I love to bake and haven't done so in a long time ... Read more

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