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Be good to yourself
Thursday, February 28, 2019      2 comments

We should always appreciate the effort we make to improve our self image and personal esteem. Congratulation and praise yourself to yourself for a job well done does wonders ... Read more
Thursday, February 28, 2019      0 comments

Hello March! Good bye February. Ready kick this new healthy lifestyle in high gear. Well I plan to make some changes and increase my effort. This time I plan not to slip backwards.... Read more
Spring is uplifting
Wednesday, February 27, 2019      2 comments

I am excited to see the sunshine and feel warm as I go out for short walks outside instead of always at the Y on the treadmill. I am not to thrilled to think about those winds that also come with the ushering in of March here in SW Texas. No m... Read more
#Motivation to get active
Sunday, February 10, 2019      2 comments

Up early on a gray Sunday bathed and motivated than cane to gloom. Determined, shoes and coat on and out the door I go. Slow walk to the car, purse on t... Read more
Rest day
Monday, September 10, 2018      4 comments

Today is my rest day. I was up same 6:30 hour and had to stop myself from heading out to walk. I did take note the sun was not up as high as usual. Thinking that is a Sign the days are getting shorter. Oh well I started to clean: defrost, the re... Read more
Small changes in nutrition
Saturday, September 08, 2018      6 comments

I love dry cereal, but the milk doesn’t like me. I tried eating dry Frosted Flakes yesterday but that doesn’t hit home the craving. Went to the store today and bought some Silk milk(coconuts flavor). I am hoping it tastes good on my dry cereal S... Read more
Calm the Mind
Monday, August 22, 2016      3 comments

A new week, Monday in Central Park after a relaxing walk around downtown. Sitting Watching the water fountain. The water spouting up and splashing down... Read more
Getting back on track
Wednesday, August 17, 2016      3 comments

Since I have been monitoring my intake and actual hunger, giving in to emotion or stress I am feeling better. I am sleeping better and longer. Bloating is subsiding.... Read more
What a day.
Friday, August 12, 2016      4 comments

Life is good... Read more
Thursday, July 28, 2016      3 comments

Another night up all night. Not sleepy. Drank coffee with added shot of espresso 9p-10p. Result wide awake at 11:30. And still at 5a. Then my mind was telling me I needed good from McDonald's. Well I fought that urge off had dips of water.... Read more
Morning Walk
Sunday, July 10, 2016      4 comments

I have a great walk with my daughter. She was walking in Denver and me here. We talked throughout our entire wall. I really enjoyed it. I was amazed at hour quickly the hour passed. Now for a quick strength training video. Then on with my Sun... Read more
Thursday, July 07, 2016      3 comments

I am not sure why but weight is increasing. I Have not increased good I take and still active but not as much and start taking two steroid medicines. Feel awful with this added weight. Almost 10 pounds. Makes me feel sad to be defeated by myself... Read more
Wednesday, July 06, 2016      2 comments

Today is National Fried Chicken Day. Chicken can be prepared many different ways: baked. Oven Roasted Stewed Grilled and different ways according to... Read more
First morning walk in July.
Friday, July 01, 2016      4 comments

It is a pleasant morning. A nice breeze in the low 60s. Enjoying it while I can.... Read more
New month of healthy living
Friday, July 01, 2016      3 comments

This year is half over, hard to believe. ,Verdad! Still working towards my goals both weight and active lifestyle (cardio and strength training). The closer I get to achieving my goals the more I seem to be stalling or becoming distracted. No ex... Read more

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