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Tuesday, December 31, 2013      0 comments

Last Friday my yoga teacher encouraged us to look back at 2013 and make a list of all the things that went right this year. It is tempting at the end of a year to think about all the things we wished had gone better but I think she was right. ... Read more
Plus sized athletic wear
Thursday, August 01, 2013      3 comments

So when I started at spin class I had a problem. It was clear to me the first day that the shorts I'd worn weren't really idea because the rubbed and got rather bunched up. Also since the class is half spin half yoga the clear solution was som... Read more
Friday, July 19, 2013      0 comments

This is not a new piece, actually it's almost a year old, but it was new to me today and it made me cry. www.huffingtonpost.com/a
ith-kids_b_1926073.html There were over 500 photos taken on ... Read more
I might be fat but I'm not psychotic
Monday, January 31, 2011      1 comments

My daughter is a big fan of Wallace and Gromet ( www.wallaceandgromit.com
/ ). These are awesome animations made with old school stop action clay figures. The most recent movie Kate has on DVD is called A Matter of Loaf and ... Read more
Monday, January 24, 2011      0 comments

On Thursday we I went with my daughter's class to the skating rink. I brought my skates but I wasn't sure if I'd get on the ice. I hadn't been skating in maybe as much as 20 years. But the kids encouraged me so in the end I got on the ice and... Read more
Keep Jumping
Monday, January 17, 2011      1 comments

The third season of Battlestar Galactica starts with many of the characters having lost their military discipline when they believed their journey had ended. In the case of the character Apollo, this is symboled by him putting on rather a lot o... Read more
Wednesday, January 05, 2011      0 comments

Well I guess if I was going to concentrate on the positive I'd note that it's been a year and an half since I was really active on Sparks and I'm now only about 4 lbs heavier then I was when I left. Not that there hasn't been some fluctuation (... Read more
Saturday, August 15, 2009      0 comments

So this weeks new exercise challenge was to try two new cardio activities from our lists. I'm not sure if my adventures in swimming outdoors counts but it did keep things interesting. Today I went for a hike at a local conservation area. ... Read more
Outdoor Swimming
Wednesday, August 12, 2009      2 comments

When I started swimming last spring, I'd pass the site of the outdoor pool each day as I went in or out of the building. It's twice the size of the indoor pool but only open for July and August. I made it a goal to swim in that pool at least o... Read more
Yoga Report
Wednesday, August 05, 2009      2 comments

Well as part of the SP Official New Exercise Challenge I've reintroduced myself to yoga today. I use to do yoga classes when I lived in Oakville but didn't keep it up once I moved to Toronto. So I thought I would try the workouts made by YogaT... Read more
SP Official New Exercise Challenge - Week 1 Challenge
Sunday, August 02, 2009      0 comments

So today is the official start of the SP August Challenge - New Exercise Challenge This blog entry is dedicated to some notes we're suppose to make for ourselves. First my current exercise routine: My current workouts consist of a c... Read more
Kicking it up a notch
Saturday, August 01, 2009      2 comments

So my weight loss has been going well but very slowly. So I've decided to try and crank kick 1) Buy some good walking shoes. By the end of this weekend I want some good quality shoes designed for walking (and maybe light hiking). 2) Up... Read more
Light at the end of the tunnel
Tuesday, July 28, 2009      0 comments

So all summer long I've been feeling incresingling stuck. First I injured my ankle. I could walk but it wasn't comfortable. Then my husband started to work more overtime at work. So he wasn't around in the evening. Then it was th... Read more
Frustrated with myself
Saturday, March 07, 2009      1 comments

I am very disappointed in myself. I don't know why I do this. I know what I need to do. I just don't do it. I eat too much... even when it's good for me food. And just when I manage to string two or three days together it all falls apart an... Read more
Wii Fitness Product Review
Thursday, February 19, 2009      0 comments

OK I own a bunch of these and I see a lot of people asking so I thought I'd write my own reviews... My Fitness Coach - so far this definitely seems like the best value for money. It isn't a game per say but rather more like an interactive w... Read more

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