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Restarting can be tough
Thursday, March 03, 2011      0 comments

I went to the doctor today and I have gained back a total of 20 pounds! I have been eating lots of junk food and not exercising. Last weekend I bought a used balance board at GameStop and only used it for 15 minutes since then to be sure it wa... Read more
Blizzard today
Wednesday, February 02, 2011      1 comments

We had a blizzard starting last night. I had the day off both jobs - but I spent most of the day shoveling...... Read more
Wii Issues - I finally think I know what it is
Sunday, January 30, 2011      4 comments

Well, after re-syncing and try brand new batteries in both my balance board and my son's - I still didn't know what was wrong. Neither balance board was working properly, but the problems were different with each one. On my son's board I was ... Read more
Trouble with Wii
Saturday, January 29, 2011      2 comments

I tried to start exercising over a week ago - but my Wii balance board was not working. So I got my son's board - and it isn't doing the same thing - but it's still not working. I keep trying different things, for instance I was able to do Wal... Read more
Stuck in a funk on my Sparkversary!
Thursday, January 20, 2011      1 comments

Today is my one year Sparkversary and I am stuck in a funk. I lost 50 pounds over the last 12 months and gained 10 back. I want to get rid of the 10 and lose 10 more, but I am having a hard time getting my Spark back. Why? Winter depress... Read more
Food poisoning got me down
Wednesday, January 12, 2011      0 comments

I was working away at the Wii Top Scores team challenge and doing very well and then - Sunday night. I got a take out salad from a restaurant and it was so good ...grilled chicken, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomotoes, even cashews! Yum! Until 2... Read more
Christmas fitness surprise
Saturday, January 01, 2011      1 comments

My 13 year-old granddaughter was surprised that her 78 year-old great grandmother gave her 54 year-old grandmother Just Dance 2 for Christmas! She was also very happy to try it out with me. Here's to continuing better health in 2011! ... Read more
One day at a time
Sunday, December 05, 2010      3 comments

My depression is lifting a ilttle and I am working hard not to sink back down. Since my friend passed away the drepession started. Now with the holidays coming and we are very, very broke this year - it is hard to stay positive. My three ... Read more
A sad day today.
Saturday, November 20, 2010      3 comments

A friend passed away today from cancer of the esophagus. She was diagnosed a little over a year ago and had endured chemotherapy, radiation and experimental treatments. But it after a year it got to the point where she could no longer eat. Sh... Read more
Getting close to the Sparkversary!
Tuesday, November 16, 2010      1 comments

301 days on Sparkpeople! Woo Hoo! However, I feel myself losing motivation - maybe it's just because this time of the year I am always depressed. Every year I tell myself that things will be better next year and things are worse the next... Read more
Searching for solutions
Saturday, November 13, 2010      1 comments

I've been trying to figure out what I can do about this burnt out feeling I have. There are so many factors that I can't control - how many hours I work, my current living situation - but there are some things I can control. I've decided t... Read more
Can I keep this up?
Monday, November 08, 2010      5 comments

In October I exercised at least two hours every day, mostly on Walk It Out and Wii Fit Plus. I just finished my second Island on WIO yesterday and loaned the game to a friend to try. That is reason number one why I am not sure I can keep up th... Read more
Happy Halloween!
Sunday, October 31, 2010      1 comments

Today is Halloween and we had our traditional dinner - meatload and squash. The meatloaf was with leaner ground beef and I put less butter on my squash - but it is a tradition in our family. I only ate a couple of mini candy bars - so I count ... Read more
Feeling much better today!
Thursday, October 28, 2010      2 comments

I had this morning off, so I exercised a lot today and I really feel better. My mom said I was probably stressed and the exercise helped me get out of the funk I was in. Now I just have to keep it up and focus on the positive!... Read more
On my way back to myself.
Wednesday, October 27, 2010      3 comments

Called in sick to one job today and spent over an hour on Walk It Out and over an hour and a half on Wii Fit. The exercise really helped - both mentally and physically. It's still very windy, but without the rain - and the sun is shining! Suns... Read more

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