Sharing the wealth
Monday, May 28, 2018      5 comments

Some things grow more plentifully than others and I HATE to just dig stuff out and pitch it in the compost - unless it is a weed. I have "volunteers" of horseradish, mint, chives, oregano, gooseberry bushes and catnip. So - I posted it on our ... Read more
Gardening and yard work are good therapy, but . . .
Sunday, May 27, 2018      5 comments

I am having a ball putting in new garden beds and planting my vegetable garden and all that jazz. I must admit, though, that it has detracted from my posting to Spark. I have really been putting in a lot of hours digging and weeding and planti... Read more
Benefits Derived in spite of loss
Wednesday, August 17, 2016      3 comments

The home belonging to my beloved neighbors is going on the market this week. She passed away June 2nd at age 92 and he, age 95, has moved to an assisted living facility nearer 2 of their daughters about 6 hours drive west of here. The g... Read more
The end of the cactus and so on
Tuesday, July 26, 2016      7 comments

The prickly pear cactus is removed from the flower bed and resides in the bottom of my compost bin that comes with my participation in the Denver Composts program. The last of the tiny thorns (I think it was the last) was removed from my thigh ... Read more
Retirement, Feral Kittens and Prickly Pear Cactus
Thursday, July 21, 2016      7 comments

I retired May 31st. My lovely 92 year old neighbor, Rita, passed away June 2nd. emoticon The late arri... Read more
A winter recipe I had To Share!
Wednesday, November 18, 2015      10 comments

I got a recipe from a friend - its Moroccan Vegetarian Stew from the Moosewood cookbook and it is FABULOUS! (you can also find it on the internet - just google it) The spices are a perfect combination. I've been giving the recipe away at work ... Read more
Enjoying a warm sunny weekend -just before the next snow & cold
Sunday, November 15, 2015      3 comments

It was a gorgeous day of sun and up to mid-sixties temperatures. I did some housework and decluttering early, while it warmed up outside. I was supposed to take my newest kitty for shots, even brought the cat carrier inside 2 days ago to keep ... Read more
Sliding into Fall
Monday, October 19, 2015      6 comments

Boy - time sure does fly past! One minute I was heading for the San Luis Valley and Taos, the next . . . . My friends, the artists in Jaroso, Colorado, are some of the most delightful folks I know. I love being with them and around them ... Read more
What the Hail?
Friday, June 05, 2015      10 comments

Finally got my tomatoes planted, along with leeks, zucchini, purple potatoes, dill, marigolds and Purple Prairie pole beans a week ago. We did have some small hail in one thunderstorm a few days ago, but the plants came through relatively intac... Read more
In memoriam
Tuesday, May 26, 2015      8 comments

I know I didn't get this done in a truly timely manner, but didn't have this photo available on computer at home yesterday. We remember those who served, with us and no longer with us, for all we have that they protected and preserved, incl... Read more
Gardening a new way.
Sunday, May 17, 2015      9 comments

A week and a half ago, I had minor surgery to deal with a problem toenail. I've been unable to wear regular shoes on that foot, so wore a post-surgical sandal type thing I had that doesn't enclose the toes. It has rained (or snowed on Mo... Read more
Spicing up your life (and food) in ways that are GOOD FOR YOU!
Monday, May 04, 2015      8 comments

7 Spices with Major Health Benefits by: Jordyn Cormier 120 Spices are a great thing to have in your pantry. They have the ability to turn a healthy, slightly bland meal into a nutritious flavor explosion. What’s even better, many spi... Read more
The cat that wasn't
Tuesday, April 21, 2015      7 comments

A week and a half ago I found out about a Maine Coon cat in an animal shelter about 20 miles away. Since my Maine Coon cat, Mulligan, died last fall I've been thinking I need another Maine Coon cat. They have wonderful personalities and are mo... Read more
Spring has sprung - for a few days
Sunday, April 12, 2015      7 comments

Busy weekend - mowing the lawn, cleaning out garden beds - still so much dead stuff and weeds coming up to clear out. Filled a 5 gallon bucket 4 times between Saturday & Sunday just with dandelions and ground ivy and other nasty weeds. Two loa... Read more
Care to challenge yourself?
Thursday, March 12, 2015      15 comments

For those of you reading this who haven't participated in a 5% challenge - think about it! I've done several of these and they are a fantastic way to be involved and do great things for yourself on SPARK. You are part of a team, working tow... Read more

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