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Our friends make
Thursday, July 02, 2020      5 comments

each day wonderful! 💗... Read more
Everyone over here
Wednesday, July 01, 2020      2 comments

is so very ready for the weekend! Happy Wednesday, y'all!... Read more
Tuesday, June 30, 2020      4 comments

night, y'all! 🛌💤🌃... Read more
I hope y'all
Monday, June 29, 2020      4 comments

have a wonderful week! 💛... Read more
There's so much
Wednesday, June 24, 2020      2 comments

to do today! I hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday. Stay safe! ✨... Read more
I took some
Tuesday, June 23, 2020      2 comments

unnecessary time off to help the kiddos with their Father's Day gift. It was a music video, and he loved it! 💗... Read more
We have gotten
Friday, June 12, 2020      1 comments

so much done! Fitness first thing, then a nice breakfast of tea, omelette, yogurt, and fruits. The kiddos also had waffles with peanut butter and extra banana. Reorganizing/rearranging the studios has been on our big to-do list. We're almost don... Read more
Tonight's dinner
Thursday, June 11, 2020      0 comments

was spectacular! Rich mole black bean roasted vegetable stew, topped with avocado, tomato, cheddar, sour cream, lime, and served on leftover Lebanese rice. It was so good, we forgot to take pictures! 😆🍛... Read more
This country is
Monday, June 08, 2020      1 comments

a laughingstock, which is so very sad. It would be quite nice if so many people weren't selfish and hateful. Don't they know they make themselves seem horrible? But, so shortsighted, they cannot (or care-not to) see their own reflections in our ... Read more
It's been a
Sunday, June 07, 2020      4 comments

tough few days over here. 😶... Read more
It was Graduation Day
Wednesday, June 03, 2020      5 comments

here today! We had an in-home celebration. They are still playing games. The cake was not exactly healthy, but pretty tasty: Devil's food with peanut b... Read more
I actually got
Tuesday, June 02, 2020      1 comments

to sneak in some extra jogging today! It was wonderful. And the littlest is three pages from graduation! Looks like we'll be holding a ceremony and party tomorrow. 🥳... Read more
I am exhausted
Sunday, May 31, 2020      3 comments

by all the bad news. I really have nothing more to say about it at the moment. 😔... Read more
It has been a
Saturday, May 30, 2020      4 comments

whirlwind over here the past few days, but we're still on top of fitness + hydration and every meal is still homemade from whole foods. I am proud of our progress in spite of problems! The teens are getting pretty muscular and I can hear their i... Read more
Clothes have a
Wednesday, May 27, 2020      1 comments

fantastic way of hiding flaws, if you know how to choose them for your type. I'd relied on that longer than I should've! Now the journey feels long. I know I'll get there, though! 🌞... Read more

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