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March to 500 in 2010
Thursday, January 07, 2010      8 comments

Ok my march to 500 has not been deterred by the cold weather. I've been managing to hit the basement for 50 min at lunch time to pull out 2.5+ miles and then another 20 min stint after work for 1.25+ miles the last few days. Saturday is my res... Read more
Family update - so much going on!
Saturday, October 10, 2009      9 comments

Blogging is not my favorite activity. I avoid it but felt its time to give an update. SATs are behind us. Thank goodness. My son took his SATs this morning and called us afterwards saying he thinks he did great. Although he has taken th... Read more
Good decisions on a cruise!
Saturday, August 15, 2009      5 comments

This year our family vacation was to cruise to Bermuda with my folks and 4 of my 7 siblings families. I have been on a number of different cruise lines and they are all different. We tend to use Norwegian. We just like their format the best. ... Read more
Jillian Michaels advice is sound
Friday, June 12, 2009      4 comments

I subscribe to Jillian's newsletter. Each one is very informative. Today's resonated what I've been trying to accomplish for the last 3 months and been making no headway. How to Take Off Those Last 10 Pounds Losing your first 50 pou... Read more
Tomorrow is Relay for Life
Thursday, May 28, 2009      3 comments

10 years running and I'm still here year after year. It started with my daughter when she was in 8th grade she wanted to do something for the community so she started a team and signed up for Relay for Life. Both of her grandparents had cance... Read more
I told my DH - "I quit"
Monday, May 18, 2009      9 comments

Today while watching my son play VB - I told my husband "I quit". He asked me what do I mean? I answered and said - for 2 months I've been very good, exercising - walking minimum of 5 times a week totally 10-15 miles a week, I've been very go... Read more
Junior Prom
Saturday, May 16, 2009      3 comments

Remember way back to High School. Your first crush! Your first formal dance? Seems like a lifetime ago. My youngest is off to his Junior prom with his special gal. They ... Read more
My body hasn't realized I've increased my cardio
Wednesday, May 13, 2009      8 comments

After a good 6 months of maintenance I decided to kick it into high gear and start working on that last 10-15 pounds. I've got a streak going of 5 weeks walking a minimum of 10 miles, more often 15 a week. I've interspersed it with jogging... Read more
I had a great Mother's day
Sunday, May 10, 2009      3 comments

I started the day off with my 17 yo son taking just me out for breakfast. It was so great. We sat and talked about a recent movie we both saw and his plans for college. I don't ever recall it just being him and me. We then went off to se... Read more
5 week streak 10 miles or more
Thursday, May 07, 2009      2 comments

Woo hoo, I'm keeping my streak going 5 weeks 10+ miles a week of walking. So I've definitely kicked my butte into gear. I lost the 3 pounds I had gained and was in denial during winter months and now I've lost my first pound moving my ticker i... Read more
My DH has been blessed with high metabolism
Tuesday, May 05, 2009      2 comments

My DH has been blessed, as has both of my children. They have high metabolisms where you can literally sit next to them and feel the heat emitting from their body as they eat. Me - definitely the tortise in the family. My change in li... Read more
April was a good month
Thursday, April 30, 2009      2 comments

My weight fluctuated this month - overall I didn't lose any weight. I say that and you may wonder why April was a good month? It was good because I have increased my exercise. In fact my exercise I did in April = the first 3 months of thi... Read more
Marching forth to the big 5-0
Friday, April 24, 2009      7 comments

Sunday is the fateful day. I turn 50. I started this journey because I wanted to enter my 50's healthier, stronger with more energy. I definitely achieved that. I was obese and now I'm just slightly out of healthy range. I will get ther... Read more
It's the little things which can annoy you but also give you joy.
Thursday, April 23, 2009      4 comments

I have to tell you about my bobbin saga. 6 weeks ago I went and had my Pfaff machine serviced by an independent dealer. In doing so he commented that my bobbins are too tight. The tension of the bobbin itself was fine but when you put it ... Read more
Good start for the next week
Sunday, April 19, 2009      2 comments

Well nice gorgeous Sunday - 70 degree weather here. I got up and did 3.2 miles walking. I'm hoping to continue with my 10 miles per week. Getting a bit of a headstart on the weekend allows me to take shorter walks during the week when its ha... Read more

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