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My Set Back is Over!
Thursday, August 06, 2009      5 comments

My momentary setback after my husband lost his job with GM lasted longer than I thought. Almost a little over 3 months, but here I am. It's been a rough three months getting somewhat adjusted but I think we are well on our way. We have a bigg... Read more
A Momentary Set-Back Along Life's Path
Tuesday, April 28, 2009      8 comments

I woke up at 5 am this morning, came out and set down at my laptop. I thought while I had the chance I would sign into Spark, check on my teams, and do a couple of things I know I needed to do. To be honest with you, my heart wasn't in it and ... Read more
The Disappearing Ticker Easter Personal Challenge
Monday, February 23, 2009      4 comments

Okay, so I have made the decision to take my ticker back off my page and out of view. Not that I am ashamed of the weight I need to loose, but as a motivational tool for myself. My ticker has always been something that I was proud of. After al... Read more
Wooo Hooo! I did it and Survived!
Thursday, January 15, 2009      7 comments

I ate a serving of broccoli and cauliflower!!! Big deal? Right? If you know me, yes it is!!! lol I have never been a fan of veggies that much, other than corn and ummm i... Read more
"Bailing out the Big 3"
Thursday, November 20, 2008      1 comments

I promise I am not blogging about this to start a war. lol Blogging is for about things that are going on in our lives and how it affects us. This is a subject that is defini... Read more
My New Haircut
Sunday, August 03, 2008      12 comments

Even though I have lost almost 70lbs, I promised myself when I lost 50 I would get a new haircut. I was to big of a chicken until this weekend lol and it still took alot of people to talk me into, with special thanks going to my hubby and my su... Read more
Still Here & Still Keepin' On
Tuesday, July 29, 2008      1 comments

This isn't going to be a long one but just one to let ya'll know I'm still here and am still going at it. I'm struggling but am confident with the support I get here and my motivation which is being the best I can be for my kids I will come out... Read more
An Up & Down Month
Tuesday, June 24, 2008      3 comments

Wow! June sure has been a challenge for me. Both from the weight loss stand point and from an emotional stand point. I think the month started going down hill when I got my new scale. I was all hyped up and then reliezed that to the new scale w... Read more
Still Here & Stickin' to It!
Sunday, June 08, 2008      2 comments

Just an update: I am still here and am still sticking to it. I haven't updated my weight progress yet because my last scale wacked out on me about three weeks ago and I won't be able to get a new one until this coming weekend. Can't w... Read more
Back and a little bummed :(
Wednesday, May 28, 2008      6 comments

As some know, I headed down to see my family in Kentucky for memorial day. We were there about a week. I had my mind made up (or so I thought) before I went that I was going to do good, eat right, exercise, and drink all of my water. Well I d... Read more
And The Ticker's Up!!
Thursday, May 15, 2008      0 comments

emoticon One more scarey thing for me done!! (those DONE girls make ya' brave...BEACHMOMMA forced me to do it!!!... Read more
A Progress Picture and Another Personal Accomplishment.
Saturday, May 10, 2008      11 comments

Okay, I have conquered one more fear and have finally put up a progress picture of myself. I despise the pic of me before I went on spark and have been so afraid to put it up for the world to see. One of my goals was to be comfortable enough w... Read more
Freedom From The "Does Hubby Know Weight?"
Thursday, May 08, 2008      4 comments

This blog is a result from a couple of post on the message boards that I have posted at in the last couple of months. The first time I came across it, I was like "NOOO!!!! NOOO!!! Did I say NOOO?!!"...and went on to explain that he knew when I ... Read more
Tomorrow is Weigh In
Saturday, May 03, 2008      0 comments

Tomorrow is the big weigh in day. I am a little *antsy* about it. We have had company for about a week and even though I didn't go over my calories, I haven't done my usual walking and exercising. I also did not get my 8 glasses of water eve... Read more
Mommy Gone BAD !!!
Saturday, April 26, 2008      4 comments

Okay, here's my 5:49 am confession. I was horrible yesterday evening! My husband and stepson had to go to my brother-in-laws, so I deceided that me and my almost 3 twin girls would have a "girly weekend". For some stupid reason I deceided tha... Read more

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