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3 Plans
Monday, May 13, 2013      2 comments

1. Originally I packed my bag to go to water aerobics after school. But I started my protein shakes again, and my stomach was rumbling and I was running -- so no pool. 2. It's a nice day so I run home to change into shorts to go walking on ... Read more
Breaking Chains
Sunday, May 12, 2013      0 comments

It was a beautiful day. The solo went well and I received a few compliments. A few church members asked where I had been hiding my voice. When I was 100 pounds overweight, I found breathing a chore so singing was out of the question. The son... Read more
Endorphins trump headache
Saturday, May 11, 2013      2 comments

I went to the gym with the remnants of my migraine but after exercising its gone!!! I did RIPPED. The instructor had new material today. It's amazing how use your body gets used to a routine. I definitely broke a sweat today. Then I stayed f... Read more
Friday, May 10, 2013      2 comments

Did I Eat That? emoticon ... Read more
Kicking and Screaming
Thursday, May 09, 2013      0 comments

The headache is getting better but the nausea continues.... Again, I haven't exercised. I WILL GO TO ZUMBA in the morning!... Read more
The Woman Sleeps Tonight
Wednesday, May 08, 2013      2 comments

I broke down and called the doctor today. Unfortunately, I just picked up the prescription but at least I hope to sleep tonight. I had no protein shakes today. The headaches causes nausea so I didn't want to compound that with milk produ... Read more
Today's Headaches
Tuesday, May 07, 2013      3 comments

I've had a headache alllllll day. I've taken painkillers/sinus medication, turned off the lights and now I'm going to put a ice pack on my head. Truly if this doesn't get better I'm going to the doctor. Somehow I forgot my lunch today, no... Read more
Meatless Monday Week 4
Monday, May 06, 2013      0 comments

I slept in this morning. I have been having headaches the past two days at the same time in the afternoon. So I didn't go to the gym this evening. I took some pain killers and I worked out to a dvd at home. I stuck with my Meatless Monda... Read more
Technical glitch
Sunday, May 05, 2013      0 comments

We were not able to get the sound to work on the video camera, so we didn't videotape tonight. It worked out fine with me because I was tired. I went to Sunday school this morning and went back to an evening service that ended 1/2 hour before ... Read more
Saturday, May 04, 2013      0 comments

I managed to drink six 8-ounce glasses of water today. That's probably 4 glasses more than usual. I went to Zumba this morning and drank 16 ounces) then. The instructor didn't show up for RIPPED so I worked out of the elliptical prior to Zumb... Read more
Water, Water Everywhere
Friday, May 03, 2013      1 comments

I love the pool (but hate the beach). Today was my first day in the pool in at least 2 weeks. The instructor asked me to participate in a video she's making on Sunday. How exciting! I have to be perfectly honest, I hate drinking water. ... Read more
Covering Up
Thursday, May 02, 2013      2 comments

I was reading my new Devotions for Dieters book and ran across this interesting passage - "Staying fat provides a wonderful cover for avoiding self-discovery... We're too busy covering up - literally and figuratively!" My mother made tw... Read more
Feeling Alive
Wednesday, May 01, 2013      0 comments

Does exercise make you feel alive? Have you learned to embrace the challenge of working out or are you still dreading it? These questions ended the blog by Nicole Nichols. I'm afraid to say that I'm one of those nuts who (now) likes to ex... Read more
Busy Beaver
Tuesday, April 30, 2013      0 comments

I exercised twice today - this morning I walked to a dvd and this evening I went to RIPPED. I picked up the aqua schedule for May and noticed that my Friday night Aqua Zumba class has bit the dust. Now I need to find something to do on Friday ... Read more
Meatless Monday Week 3
Monday, April 29, 2013      0 comments

I had a vegetable pizza for lunch. For dinner - I cooked spaghetti. This is the first time I've cooke an entree from scratch in a LONG time. I used 100% whole wheat noodles but made the sauce. It was yummy! I'm so far behind on my gradi... Read more

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