Go Figure
Friday, September 05, 2008      2 comments

So today is my weigh in day and also my weigh and measure day for the month. I gained on pound for the month but gained two for the week. But on the happy side I lost five inches. It took me 30 minutes this morning to take all my measurem... Read more
I don't even know what day it is anymore
Tuesday, September 02, 2008      1 comments

Ok so the weekend was a little crazy. I got walking in but don't know how much for sure as I lost my pedometer. Just found it last night when I got home. I immediatly went for a walk just so I know I walked. Yesterday was the offic... Read more
Day 5 and 6
Thursday, August 28, 2008      2 comments

Yep its bright and early. Yesterday, Jazzy and I walked 3 miles. I had to walk up and pay my insurance. So I just added the extra steps up to our favorite hangout restraunt. Ariana's. They make everything fresh. I was very good and or... Read more
DAY 3 and 4
Tuesday, August 26, 2008      2 comments

Ok So yesterday was so crazy I didn't get to get but a mile in walking. My body felt it this morning when I got up at 5. I did two miles today. I know there will be more because of all the laundry I have to take out and hang up. I have de... Read more
Day 2
Saturday, August 23, 2008      2 comments

Here I sit dripping with sweat but I just thought I would share day two. I was so busy that I couldn't walk during the day while my husband was at work. I had to pick him and do a lot of errands. When we were half way through the errands h... Read more
What have I done to myself?
Friday, August 22, 2008      2 comments

Ok So I really stepped in it this time. My mom always said I was an extremest. All or nothing thats me. Someone posted in one of my teams about Steptember. I looked at it. Saw the different trails I could do. They had the Iditrod(the... Read more

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