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The Big Scary Things
Tuesday, May 11, 2021      3 comments

Why does it take the Big Scary Things to get my ass in gear? I've known what my family risks are most of my life (high blood pressure, diabetes). Yet it takes seeing those bad numbers on the blood labs to get my attention. Now I've got a ... Read more
2018 Goals
Saturday, December 30, 2017      2 comments

1. Move more emoticon 2. Eat better ... Read more
Monday, April 17, 2017      0 comments

Saw a recent picture of myself posted to social media, and was NOT happy with what I saw. I'm a sign language interpreter, and often see pictures of myself with "interpreter face!" where the moment the picture was taken, my face is contorte... Read more
following advice
Friday, January 29, 2016      3 comments

Last night, I followed ~INDYGIRL's advice on fast food. I got what I wanted, but got the smaller size. It was just as tasty, just as satisfying, but didn't completely blow me out of the water. I have found that if I focus on what I CA... Read more
Restaurant Success!
Saturday, January 09, 2016      3 comments

Went into the meal with a plan! Since I knew where we were going, I looked up their menu online and decided what i was gonna eat, and put it into my nutrition tracker. When I got to the restaurant, I ordered what I put in the tracker, ... Read more
Doesn't take much to go wrong
Friday, January 08, 2016      2 comments

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch. Woke up around 5 am with a serious crick in the neck and went to bed. (-) When the cat decided it was time for breakfast, I stumbled out of bed to feed her, and set my alarm for a little later to cat... Read more
Read for content!
Wednesday, January 06, 2016      2 comments

emoticon ARGH!!! I blew myself out of the water because I didn't read the nutrition info as carefully as I... Read more
Universal Clue by Four
Wednesday, January 06, 2016      1 comments

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. Just doesn't work for me. Instead, I pick a theme for the year to strive for. This year I picked "health". Last night, I was working with runes, and I noticed that the stones I picked ran strongly a... Read more
Monday, January 04, 2016      2 comments

This year's theme is "health" My focus will be to care for myself better. That means moving more, drinking water, making better food choices, ... Read more
Actions and Consequences
Tuesday, June 30, 2015      3 comments

emoticon OMG I made a VERY poor food choice last night, and spent a few hours up in the middle of the night ... Read more
step by step, inch by inch...
Monday, June 22, 2015      0 comments

I'm REALLY good with the self-criticism and put-yourself-down-before-other
s-do-it. It's gonna show up. I'm working on making the negatives positives. So I'm back... again... having relapsed/backslid/failed/gave up/said f#ck it. Or ra... Read more
wash rinse repeat
Thursday, June 18, 2015      2 comments

back again. having serious body hate. back to baby steps. emoticon ... Read more
Back again... with more
Friday, December 12, 2014      2 comments

Haven't been here in a while. I've got no motivation for weight loss, and the thought of tracking calories just depresses the hell out of me. So why am I back? My blood pressure. It just keeps going up. High blood pressure runs ... Read more
Yowch! That hurts! But it's not stopping me!
Friday, January 03, 2014      1 comments

I'm working on a streak to do at least 10 minutes of exercise a day. Mostly with my new hula hoop, as I've not done it since I was a kid! What a cardio workout! I WILL master this thing! But I don't always have the space to spin, so on t... Read more
Fighting back
Wednesday, September 04, 2013      1 comments

Last night, I took my sock puppets to the gym. I would have preferred a bat to beat them with, but there are other ways. I got on the treadmill, put my music on, and WALKED. ... Read more

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