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Buddy the Wonder Dog
Tuesday, December 22, 2020      4 comments

When my son first got Buddy 5 years ago I questioned his sanity. Here he is a single dad with 2 sons, going to school full time, and working full time.... Read more
My son
Sunday, December 20, 2020      11 comments

Jeffery Brian Scott April 1, 1972 - Nov. 20, 2020 AKA Scotty, AKA Tragic. Son, Father, Friend, Teacher. Yesterday, we held a private go... Read more
Quiet Morning
Monday, October 12, 2020      4 comments

Woke up really early and did a little writing. Reflecting on the past 34 of marriage I understand 3 things. 1. I made a really good choice 2. I am really lucky this partnership has worked 3. Friendship first is the way to go. N... Read more
Thursday, October 01, 2020      2 comments

Probably not my best month Pounds lost = 0 Steps taken average per day= 3828 Goal 4000 Average exercise minutes = 43 Goal 40 So I won a few exercise minutes but didn't do well on weight loss. I am yo yo-ing up and down which is not g... Read more
Back to it
Sunday, September 13, 2020      3 comments

Spending some quality time with my mind has shown me that I am in need of a tuneup. That means some quality time with books, nature, and music. Today I have a date with the local woods by my home. Taking a walk and letting nature talk to me. ... Read more
Worst year?
Monday, September 07, 2020      9 comments

I was asked if this is the worst year in history. As trying as it can be to be isolated and not able to do some of the activities I love, like going to club meetings and the theater I have to say this is far from the worst year I've experienced... Read more
Thank you
Sunday, August 02, 2020      5 comments

Just a quick thank you note to all of you who advised I take Magnesium and Potassium for my leg cramps. Thanks to you and a little additional research I did not have any cramps last night. Thanks you!... Read more
Friday, July 31, 2020      5 comments

I have so much to learn even at my age. Today I am starting a quest to not only find out what works for me health wise but to put those things in practice. I had a tough night filled with muscle cramps and soreness. This is ridiculous and I ... Read more
What am I doing?
Monday, July 27, 2020      6 comments

I thought it was time to reassess my goals and update my attitude. I have just finished a pretty intense class and have discovered so much about myself. It is time for me to be really honest with myself and carefully plan my next moves. F... Read more
Happy Earth Day
Wednesday, April 22, 2020      4 comments

... Read more
My March Goal Results
Monday, April 20, 2020      5 comments

I realized this morning that I haven't posted my outcomes for March 2020. I went back through my trackers so I could see where I succeeded and where I didn't. Average steps per day: Goal 4000 Actual 3384 ... Read more
Goals and Pandemics
Monday, April 13, 2020      6 comments

I don't know about anyone else but this current pandemic is causing some havoc with my goals for 2020. I'm sure that is true for all of us. So I thought I would share a few thoughts on what I do have and what I can do. I can still w... Read more
Today's inspiration
Thursday, April 02, 2020      3 comments

You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one John Lennon This popped up on one of my art pages today. Seemed so appropriate. Can I dare to dream? ... Read more
April 1st
Wednesday, April 01, 2020      3 comments

So the month of March was pretty much a non-starter for most of us. April 1st marks my son's birthday. One of the best days of my life! He is a teacher and is worried that some of his students won't be able to graduate. Some rays of su... Read more
Social Distancing
Friday, March 27, 2020      5 comments

Good morning everyone from my little town on the Southern Oregon Coast. I must say if I am going to be isolated for awhile this is the best place to do it. I am surrounded by natural wonders and beauty. I have only less than a mile to walk an... Read more

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