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A little more...
Sunday, January 21, 2018      2 comments

What a crazy emotional week. So I had the whole week off of week. I had nothing planned, just some house work, maybe a book with some wine with lunch while the kids were at school. Turns out I was needed at home more than I thought. My father ... Read more
Day 1 complete!
Monday, January 08, 2018      3 comments

So today was a good day. But day 1 usually is. Week 1 for that matter us usually good. All my food logged and under goal. Got in a great work out and managed to take 9K steps. Not the 10 I would like, but when I sit all day at work it's hard. So... Read more
Plan plan plan
Sunday, January 07, 2018      1 comments

So my food prep is almost done. Chicken cooled, cubed and shredded. Salad chopped and bagged. Instill have some veggies to prep but that's easy. And yogurt to place in containers along with nuts and seeds to bag. I'm ready for week one of my mis... Read more
Here we go
Saturday, January 06, 2018      2 comments

The plan starts Monday. I went food shopping today and will start meal prepping romorrow. I realized I only have 6 ish months until my 40th birthday. I... Read more
Thursday, December 14, 2017      0 comments

Finally! What a long horrific week. Work has been horrific. But as I sit here cooling down from a work out I feel fairly good about my week. My food choices have been up and down but I've stuck to meeting my exercise goal. Every damn day. So kno... Read more
This week...
Saturday, December 09, 2017      0 comments

I'm curious how I did on the scale this week. I worked out like crazy. Made my step goal every day!!! Very proud... Read more
Day 4 of the stepping...
Thursday, December 07, 2017      2 comments

Ok so I am insanely proud of myself! Monday 12K, tues 14K and yesterday's 16K. I usually struggle to hit 10. And lucky to get 8. Funny how just a small change every morning and throughout the day will add up.... Read more
Steppin month
Tuesday, December 05, 2017      2 comments

So we started a srep.challenge at work. I of course am in charge. Whoever wins gets a drought and 100 bucks! Love me some competition! I did 12K today. Got my tennies in my drawer so I'll change out of the stilettos on breaks and walk, d... Read more
Turkey day week ...
Monday, November 20, 2017      0 comments

Today begins my marathon. No not running. Prepping! I work today from 1130-8pm, hime at 830 then starts the lie crust, stuffing, and pulling out the linens, serving platters. I do have to work tues and Wednesday 8am to 430. Make dinner both day... Read more
Another year....
Saturday, November 18, 2017      3 comments

So I can't access my other blog spot from my phone so I'm back.... I need a place to vent and the notes section my phone is just not cutting it. A week ago I learned my step mom is getting gastric surgery. Huge eye opener for me. 1. She's 20 p... Read more
Hooray for small victories....
Monday, January 27, 2014      4 comments

So I lost another 2 pounds.... Its not a lot to scream about but I look at it chicken weight, lol. If you look at 2pounds of chicken and then think wow that just melted off my body. Its ALOT to scream about. I did a total happy dance. I'm n... Read more
Adventures in grocery shopping
Monday, January 20, 2014      2 comments

So Friday night my husband decides he wants to go grocery shopping. We get to the store and he proceeds to get chips, cookies, ice cream, hot pockets, corn dogs, and pizza bites. I mean REALLY. Could you buy anything less of cours... Read more
What a year
Tuesday, January 14, 2014      0 comments

So I have been in a reflecting kind of mood. I was thinking that I lost and kept off 40 pounds I will not put back on. Yes I'd like to loose another 40 and I think I will, but its the learning to maintain and not sabotage myself when I get close... Read more
Where in the have I been...
Friday, October 18, 2013      3 comments

Usually when I fall off spark for a few months, I come back having gained weight, with the attitude, I'll start over...This time I have lost 20 more pounds and I'm here to reconnect, continue my journey. Since moving, I have become a stay... Read more
HLC Spring into Summer Challenge
Monday, May 13, 2013      1 comments

So glad to have another is the Main challenge.... Being healthy isn't just about the scale. It is about body measurements and accomplishments, both on the scale and off, too. So, let's take a look at where we are in our fi... Read more

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