Why is this so hard?
Tuesday, March 25, 2008      0 comments

Why is it that I can't get myself to keep going?! I am finding success and seeing results and yet I have stopped working out and starting eating whatever and whenever. What is wrong with me?! I am so close to such a big goal of being under 20... Read more
Week 18 Review
Thursday, March 13, 2008      0 comments

I'm finally back under my February weight! I basically just lost an entire month being sick and all. I am trying not to be discouraged since I know that my eating wasn't the best this week. I am going to do better this week and count all of m... Read more
I'm Doing It!
Wednesday, March 05, 2008      0 comments

I knew these Biggest Loser goals were pretty high and lofty but I'm really doing it! Yesterday I reached my goal of 2 hours of cardio plus abs. I'm so proud of myself and am excited to keep it up! I am definitely getting my period so that wou... Read more
Biggest Loser Week 1
Monday, March 03, 2008      0 comments

I've decided to alternate my normal workout weeks with what I am going to call Biggest Loser Weeks. On the normal weeks I will do 60 minutes of cardio 6 days a week and 3 strength workouts. On Biggest Loser Weeks I will do my normal workouts b... Read more
Week 15 Review
Thursday, February 28, 2008      2 comments

I think I'm on week 15...? Anyway- I've been dreading writing this post. I have been back on track since Monday where I weighed in at 208.4 just a bit lower than my last weigh in weeks ago. I've been doing 60+ minutes of cardio each day and I... Read more
Back At It!!
Monday, February 25, 2008      0 comments

I'm finally not sick anymore and I'm so so excited!! I've been sick since the beginning of February so I've lost almost three weeks but what can you do? I haven't worked or worked out or tracked my calories in just over 2 weeks. I did gain ... Read more
Week 13 in Review
Friday, February 08, 2008      0 comments

I lost another pound this week. I have been sick most of the week and hope to be better soon to get back on track with everything. I'm excited about the fact that by my next birthday one year from now, I will either be thin and healthy or preg... Read more
Week 12 in Review
Thursday, January 31, 2008      0 comments

To be honest, I'm little bummed. I didn't quite make it under 210 this week. I'm exactly at 210 which means I lost 1.4 pounds this week. I know this is good and I am definitely happy about the loss, but I am really bummed that I won't be mak... Read more
Week 11 in Review
Thursday, January 24, 2008      0 comments

I'm minus 1.6 pounds this week. Mike (my trainer) told me I might lose a little these next couple of weeks where I am starting to put on muscle but then I should have a period of time where the pounds melt off in response to all my new muscle. ... Read more
Week 10 in Review- Slow but steady
Thursday, January 17, 2008      0 comments

I think I've learned from these past few weeks that if I just change my eating habits and don't work out, I lose one pound a week. I am happy to see that the scale has gone down another pound, but I am ready to bump it up a notch. My new norma... Read more
Week 9 Review
Thursday, January 10, 2008      0 comments

I am close to having my new normal set, which is really exciting. I am joining Fitness 19 today and my employer is writing me workout papers so that I have tailored strength training routines! I am so blessed and so excited to get started! I ... Read more
Week 8 Review- Creating a New Normal
Thursday, January 03, 2008      0 comments

Hello Friends- This week wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either! I lost 0.4 pounds--the most exciting part of that is NOT GAINING!! I haven't tracked my food because I have not been home hardly at all! I haven't worked out because I've ... Read more
I've Fallen
Monday, December 31, 2007      0 comments

I feel like I've fallen off of the face of the earth. My life is so busy with my new job of taking care of triplets. My eating has been so sporadic and unplanned. I'm usually too tired to eat so when I do I just eat whatever is in front of me... Read more
Week 7 Review- Mini Goal#1 Met!!!!!
Thursday, December 27, 2007      0 comments

TA-DA!! My first mini-goal was to be 216 by December 27th. Well, today on the scale I was 215.4!! Mission Mini-Goal 1: Accomplished!!! I can't believe I did it- and I can't believe how easy it felt. I truly feel more and more like I'm just... Read more
Week 6 in Review
Thursday, December 20, 2007      0 comments

The scale finally budged again and I weighed in at 217.2 this morning making this week's weight loss 1.8 pounds!! I couldn't be happier about the loss! I'm staring my job tonight- overnight and I am so excite! I will be nannying for triplets!... Read more

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