Survived the holidays!
Thursday, January 05, 2017      4 comments

For the first time, I managed not to gain any weight in November and December! Lost a little in November, and stayed flat in December. Yay! Now time to buckle down and lose those last 10 lbs!... Read more
6 months in and all is well....
Tuesday, November 22, 2016      3 comments

Wow, 3 months since posting-time is flying! Today is 6 months since I committed fully to following a Primal/Paleo diet, and exercising regularly. I've lost 39 pounds and feel great! I have much more energy, don't get those mid-afternoon sleepies... Read more
3 months in and feeling good!
Saturday, August 27, 2016      5 comments

I'm just over 3 months in my new healthier lifestyle-am down 23 lbs and feeling really good. I'm actually enjoying morning exercise-that's a first! The best part is getting to "closet shop" for smaller sized clothes that haven't fit in ages.... Read more
6 weeks in and feeling good
Tuesday, July 05, 2016      7 comments

About 6 weeks in to my new lifestyle, I've lost 11.5 lbs and am feeling great. Have been working out regularly (elliptical trainer and weights) and doing well with my diet. The trick is keeping it up consistently, not my strong suit...... Read more
Back on the wagon (again)
Saturday, June 04, 2016      1 comments

My 48th birthday is next week-in late May I decided that it was time to start taking care of myself again. I was doing well through last November-when my husband's congenital heart condition started to worsen. After that we both engulfed in comf... Read more
Two steps forward, one step back
Thursday, July 09, 2015      1 comments

The good news: the diet is going pretty well. The bad: I got a WICKED case of poison ivy on both arms and legs two weeks ago, and new spots are still popping up. It is supposed to just be a skin condition but it has really sapped my energy. So n... Read more
Finally getting some consistency
Tuesday, June 16, 2015      2 comments

Wow, that was a quick month....I'm happy to say that I have done well with diet and exercise since that last "back on the wagon" blog post. It's been over a month now-I dropped a quick 6 lbs, then....a plateau for several weeks, bouncing within... Read more
...aaaaand starting over....
Sunday, May 10, 2015      10 comments

Time flies....gradually fell off the healthy eating wagon 3 1/2 months ago. Have been cooking at home more, but with too many frozen convenience foods. Today is Day 1 of my reset. Have to stick to it this time-so tired of this bloaty, tired fee... Read more
Starting again...paleo/primal
Sunday, January 18, 2015      2 comments

Finally got it together to go back to a Paleo/Primal eating plan. Today is Day 4. Feeling calmer and overall not bad-Day 4 usually = pounding low carb/no gluten adjustment headache. On the plus side, I went off the diet for about 2 months and di... Read more
elimination diet-day 1
Thursday, September 04, 2014      2 comments

Started my elimination diet to start the process of finding out the cause of 3 years of digestive system issues. 3 weeks of a lot of chicken and veggies....here goes!... Read more
Now it gets serious
Monday, September 01, 2014      1 comments

Decided that it's time to get a full health workup to see why I'm not losing weight. Results so far: thyroid ok, cholesterol good; but high fasting blood glucose and slightly high triglycerides (ie, prediabetes.) The doctor says this can explain... Read more
Feeling good...
Tuesday, August 12, 2014      0 comments

On day 9 of a Primal/Paleo diet, feeling good-got a workout in this am, elliptical and weights. Down 1/2 inch in the waist and 4 lbs, hoping the perimenopausal belly will eventually shrink as well!... Read more
Here I go again...
Tuesday, August 05, 2014      3 comments

It had been a stressful few months-a job loss and figuring out what is next. I am buying a business, which is exciting but scary. I am rededicating myself to the Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle-I know it works, but you have to actually do it con... Read more
Starting the new me (and us)
Sunday, May 11, 2014      1 comments

I've been following the Primal diet on and off-when on I feel much better and have more energy. Then work stress or travel got in the way and I would go off the plan. This time off is a great chance to make some healthy changes in my life. I con... Read more
Friday, May 09, 2014      2 comments

I lost my job yesterday. It was a demanding, high stress position, with a lot of travel, and one that kept me from taking care of myself. I gaind 40 pounds since starting less than 2 years ago. I spent yesterday in a state of shock, but today I ... Read more

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