Time to change my tracker
Wednesday, March 23, 2016      5 comments

Today's the day, it's time I change my tracker on my page. I have struggled for a while now with gaining back everything I've lost previously and more, so much so that I changed my tracker to my fitness tracker. I admit it, I was embarrassed at ... Read more
Dear Mom
Friday, February 21, 2014      5 comments

Dear Mom, I am still in shock that you're gone. I can't believe it has been two weeks already since we lost you. My heart still breaks, I still cry, I still can't sleep at night. I can't believe how incredibly fortunate I was to have spent... Read more
Feb 1
Saturday, February 01, 2014      2 comments

February started off with our college daughter coming home for the weekend. Today the whole family did some shopping. Bought a new toaster since our other one decided to catch fire last night.... that was fun lol and we went to look at granite ... Read more
Still tracking ....
Wednesday, January 22, 2014      2 comments

I haven't been as consistent with tracking my food, but I know I have been staying well within my calories. I'm sticking to my green drinks for breakfast, a piece of fruit for snack, something homemade and measured for lunch, another piece of fr... Read more
Feeling better and getting back on track
Wednesday, January 15, 2014      3 comments

Phew! I am finally feeling like myself again. The weather's being so goofy here though that now I'm beginning to suffer from sinus sneezing etc. Mid-January and we're hitting almost 70 here in NorCal this week. It would be great if Mother Nature... Read more
The cold that wouldn't end....
Wednesday, January 08, 2014      3 comments

It hit me on Christmas Eve and has been lingering ever since (yes, counting today I'm on day 16 eek!). I FINALLY have it down to just a slight cough, which is much improved even from yesterday. Needless to say, workouts have been few and far bet... Read more
New Year - new goals
Thursday, January 02, 2014      3 comments

Although I haven't sat down and written out my goals for the year, I have them running through my head. It's a new year and time for me to get completely back on track. Time to get back to basics and do it one day at a time!!! ... Read more
Ab Challenge
Tuesday, June 04, 2013      1 comments

Here is the Ab Challenge I am participating in .... Day 1 15 sit-ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises, 10s (s=second) plank Day 2 20 sit-ups, 8 crunches, 8 leg raises, 12s plank Day 3 25 sit-ups, 10 crunches, 10 leg raises, 15s plank Day 4... Read more
Vacation and an Ab Challenge!
Monday, June 03, 2013      2 comments

I am so excited that my vacation is in less than a week now. It has been FAR too long since we did more than a "stay-cation". Hubby and I are cruising to Alaska for his birthday ...and I don't even care if it rains the whole time....why? Because... Read more
Days 12-15 My how time flies and feeling exhilarated!
Tuesday, January 15, 2013      0 comments

Time sure flies - seems like every time I blink, three or four more days have gone by and I haven't blogged - ugh. I didn't get in as much walking this weekend as I had hoped, but I did get some in everyday so that's a plus! And I got lots done ... Read more
Day 11 - recap of yesterday
Friday, January 11, 2013      1 comments

I forgot to mention on yesterday's blog post that I finally got around to ordering the SP Cookbook - and even better news is that it shipped out yesterday! Yay - I love cookbooks and I know this will have healthy recipes to try so can't wait for... Read more
Yup I'm behind on my blog.... let's catchup - Days 4-10
Thursday, January 10, 2013      1 comments

The last few days have gone pretty well. Still working on consistency in my fitness, still building slowly by trying to increase my walking to at least 10k steps. Haven't reached it yet, but I will! Had my maintenance massage on Monday whic... Read more
Days 2 & 3 Motivation increasing
Thursday, January 03, 2013      1 comments

So although I'm 0-2 on working out the first two days of the year (regular workouts, not just using my step counter), I am still feeling good and like I'm on the right track. Day 2 - 1/2/13 - I made my calls and have a nice long maintena... Read more
1/1/13 - Happy New Year & a new beginning (Day 1 again)
Tuesday, January 01, 2013      3 comments

Happy New Year to all! Today I begin again, not just logging on and gaining points, but this morning I weighed myself for the first time in months and took my measurements. Although I wanted to cry a bit, the reality is I am now 4lbs higher than... Read more
New Years Eve motivation
Monday, December 31, 2012      2 comments

With tomorrow ringing in the new year, I will fully start anew. Take my weight, measurements etc. I have been logging in and tracking for a few days now and I look forward to getting back to light workouts, leading up to more as the year progres... Read more

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