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Heading for a heart attack by 30?? WHAT?
Wednesday, June 29, 2011      5 comments

For those that prayed for my friend who was missing after floating the river, THANK YOU! Prayers were answered and he was found after a rough night on the bank of the river. He wasn't happy but it sure beats the alternative! LO had to go ... Read more
Weekend recap
Monday, June 27, 2011      7 comments

First of all if you are the praying inclination, PLEASE send some prayers up for a friend of our family. He was last seen floating our local river around 7 pm last night. Search and rescue are looking for him as we speak. I would be on the ri... Read more
Hippie Chick Brick & Bet I can make you grin blog!
Friday, June 24, 2011      8 comments

Ok, in my area we have a festival centered around bricks. Yes, I know exactly how weird that is but it is what it is! We are entering the brick car derby for LO and I decided on a whim to enter the best dressed brick competition. Gathered up ... Read more
Skippety doo dah
Thursday, June 23, 2011      7 comments

I's in a GoooooOOOD mood today! Well, except for my extremely loud talking annoying cubicle neighbor, but even that has a silver lining as he recently put in his 2 weeks. ... Read more
Happier Hump Day!
Wednesday, June 22, 2011      5 comments

Much better day already today. To the last two, I say emoticon After being concerned about LO all day when I... Read more
Tuesday, June 21, 2011      7 comments

Ok, if you are looking for my normal rather cheery blogs, go back a few days and read to your hearts content. Today is vent day and hopefully I'll get some advice out of it. My child is WILD! He normally is an extremely well behaved 4 y... Read more
Best laid plans...Meh....
Monday, June 20, 2011      6 comments

Today I got up early to donate plasma for the second time. This was supposed to be the test on if I would ever go back to this place after my 7 hour new donor experience. I show up, sign in, and then promptly get called to the front. My tests... Read more
Love me some Saturday!
Saturday, June 18, 2011      6 comments

Played outside with LO for about an hour before it got too hot. Had to drag him away from TV but he finally decided it was fun. We tossed a ball, threw a frisbee, rode bikes, and raced to a couple trees. Good clean fun channeling my inner little... Read more
3 points for a blog entry so here you go...
Friday, June 17, 2011      5 comments

I am tired. I am bored. I have nothing to say. I don't want to be at work. It's really muggy outside....and hot. I'm still going to go on my afternoon walk. Because the air you can wear and the heat wave isn't going to stop me. I have bee... Read more
Plasma and weight loss
Thursday, June 16, 2011      7 comments

Hmm thinking about my title. This two may or may not correspond. LOL! Yesterday I decided to try donating plasma for the first time. I had been kicking the idea around as it's a time saving way to earn extra cash (instead of a second job... Read more
Proud of myself *pats back* You looking at me?
Tuesday, June 14, 2011      7 comments

Did the scale say I weigh less today...nope. Do I even feel cute today....not really. Is my debt gone, my worries in the wind, and my life in perfect harmony?? NOT EVEN CLOSE!! BUT I have taken a baby step. I am getting over my fear of ... Read more
DONE with going through the motions!
Monday, June 13, 2011      5 comments

Wore my bathing suit yesterday. It's a red tankini with a itty bitty skirt bottom. It's a tighter than last year but not horrible. I was okay about it although it did strengthen my resolve to stay on track. I have a real bikini top that I lo... Read more
Making it quick
Saturday, June 11, 2011      3 comments

Only have a minute but wanted to check in. Doing some heavy duty cleaning that the house really needs today. Plan to go out in the heat later to ride bikes with LO. Probably will...no I WILL do an exercise DVD or game while he naps. Going swimm... Read more
LO swimming lesson
Thursday, June 09, 2011      5 comments

LO has his first swimming lesson last night. Picture Proof: I can kick! ... Read more
The witch is coming, the witch is coming! Run for the hills!
Wednesday, June 08, 2011      2 comments

emoticon I see your anti baby pills are ineffective this week. *cackle cackle* ... Read more

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