Monday, July 22, 2013      3 comments

After not running for 2 years I've decided to take it up again. My goal is a 4k fun run in October. I've got my hubby on board and he is helping me by doing the c25k programme with me. It is extra hard as he can run much faster than me ... Read more
Bonus wheel
Sunday, May 19, 2013      1 comments

Every day I play a little mind game with myself. I have to earn enough points to spin the bonus wheel. Today I hit the jackpot! 50 goodie points on the wheel and 20 on the bonus wheel. It's a silly game but it keeps me motivated and that's wh... Read more
Who'd have thought?
Sunday, October 14, 2012      4 comments

I am not much of a blogger but this morning my DH suggested we should go to our local pool to swim. This is not unusual for him, but I have not been swimming for months. In fact, I have not really done any exercise for at least a week. Th... Read more