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The Benefits of Exercise
Monday, December 07, 2009      19 comments

My church has long worship services, usually about 45 minutes. Then we stand at other times also. I usually sit most of the time. Today I thought, "why sit?, I am going to th... Read more
Saturday, December 05, 2009      27 comments

Today it was my privilege to attend a ladies meeting at a church close to my home. We had a wonderful time and saw people we hadn't seen in a while but two people who I hadn't ... Read more
Friday, December 04, 2009      7 comments

God never quits speaking to us. It is amazing the way God works to bring about His purpose and to use us to minister to others. Recently I needed to contact my bank and altho... Read more
When God Speaks
Tuesday, November 10, 2009      29 comments

Being in full time ministry for over fifty years, I have learned a lot of things. One of them was when God told me if I would trust Him He would meet all of my needs and emphas... Read more
Monday, November 02, 2009      10 comments

One of my precious former students will soon be here. For a few years I taught at a Missionary training School for those who desired to be missionaries and she was one of them.... Read more
Friday, October 30, 2009      12 comments

Well as you know my birthday was a real surprise to me Sunday a.m. in my Sunday School class as we were going to celebrate the October birthdays and I took cards for the othe... Read more
Just be patient
Tuesday, October 27, 2009      17 comments

Well, Sunday the 25th I arrived at my Sunday School class wondering how the October birthdays would be celebrated. I took my three cards for the other birthday people but nothi... Read more
The ups and downs of life
Thursday, October 15, 2009      6 comments

Well, today I went to the gym again. That is an upper. My girl friend went with the family of her fiancee to make funeral arrangements for her fiancee who passed away yesterday. That is a downer. He was a good Christian man and ready to me... Read more
Bridesmaid at 80, second part
Wednesday, October 14, 2009      4 comments

This afternoon I received some sad news. My g/f's fiancee passed away suddenly of a heart attack. We never know when it will happen so we must be ready. I do know he was ready as he was a good Christian man and former pastor. Seems like th... Read more
The latest with me.
Thursday, October 08, 2009      3 comments

Someone asked what is going on in my world. My latest is that I had the right side mirror of my car get sick so took it to the car doctor. The doctor couldn't help me as they said they had to order a part. Visit one. Then on visit two I went in... Read more
Thursday, October 01, 2009      8 comments

emoticon I am leaving for Louisiana in a few hours. Everyone who loves cajun food say amen. My desire is to choos... Read more
Bridesmaid at 80
Wednesday, September 23, 2009      7 comments

Can you imagine? I would rather be the bride. My best friend is getting married the 5th of December and she informed me by e-mail, no less, that I was to be the bridesmaid and... Read more
Picture on last blog
Sunday, September 20, 2009      4 comments

Marcy you asked the story of the pic. In February of 2007 I started going to TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) and lost 55 pounds in nine months which put me at my goal weight. ... Read more
Sunday, September 20, 2009      7 comments

Tonight, the 19th of September, I didn't want anything I had in my freezer or fridge. I was really burned out on chicken breast and wanted PIZZA. I thought about it more than once and thought of dressing and going out to get one. What should ... Read more
Monday, June 29, 2009      5 comments

There is no place like home even in deep south Texas where the normal temperature for this time of year is 100. Thank God for air conditioning. I arrived home tired and with much to do but am taking it one day at a time, doing the essential t... Read more

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